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Have a laugh. Be inspired to step outside your comfort zone to achieve your dreams. Follow my journey as a first time entrepreneur with my aroma-therapeutic oil company – Wild Beauty. I make all my aroma-therapeutic creations from century old African American Chickasaw Indian family recipes passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.

Because I don’t have a traditional store front, my store is wherever I POP UP at from craft shows, networking events or on the the busiest and trendiest street corners all over L.A. This was how “The Pop Up Store Chronicles” was created.

From floating on cloud highs to the heart breaking lows and everything in between the life of a small business owner isn’t always glamours but it sure is adventurous.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

– Felecia Scott


14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the articles. Trying to build a community where small business owners like myself or soon to be or just thinking about can reach out and connect. It can be overwhelming at times. Here they have a place to come.

  2. I love your oils Wild Beauty the product is freat and it makes your skin feel baby soft, I also had ran out of hair oil so i decided to use the oil on my hair and it makes it shine and soft. THIS BEAUTY OIL IS GREAT!!!!

  3. Felecia, i’m so inspired by you! Yes, sometimes you have to get down in the trenches to make your dreams come true! Go go gurl! And atleast you have awesome weather to sustain your adventures! GA is ugly right about now! LOL! Best wishes and continued blessings!!! XOXOX ~ Helena

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