Adventures in Dog Sitting

Christmas has passed and we are all officially waiting for New Year’s Eve.   The store is closed until January 4, 2011.  All the orders have been shipped out.  I am dog sitting for my neighbor and good friend, Meliza.  She went home to Texas spending the Christmas holiday with her family.  Meliza comes home Monday night.

This is Girl.

I’ve sent Meliza about 6 text messages  a day with pictures of Girl. Just an update of how her dog is doing. She was very anxious leaving her dog for the first time. She left me a list of instructions. I had to laugh because as I was reading the instructions, she was telling me the same thing word for word. Too funny, I’m happy to help out a friend.

Her dog is just over a year old grey pit bull named Girl.  Yes, the dog’s name is Girl.  In between Christmas and starting my inventory, I take Girl for walks, feed, spoil and play with her.  While playing, Girl scratched my face.  She knocked me off balance.  She may be still a puppy in mind but has the body of a full grown pit bull weighing 60 pounds.
I put some of the lavender infused body oil on my face.  The stinging went away within moments.  I’m going to keep the scratch clean and putting the herbal oil on my face.  Lavender is a disinfectant and wonderful for healing cuts and scratches.  I’ll be applying lavender to my wound between two and three times daily to keep the area clean and prevent infection.  I’ll continue to use the herbal infused body oil daily even after the cut has closed to help regenerate skin cells, promote faster healing and reduce scar formation.

How can anyone stay angry at a face like this.  She was under my arm for the rest of the night snuggled against me.  Girl tried to lick my little wound, I guess she was trying to clean it.  She’s so precious.

It’s not always glamorous but it sure is adventurous.

Look at those eyes

-Felecia Scott


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