Mature Skin Care

Olive Butter


Olive Butter has been renowned since the 13th Century for its moisturizingand protective qualities.  Fantastic for mature skin because of it’s excellent for cellular regeneration and helps battle wrinkles.  This is why I love olive butter and made sure it’s was one of our ingredients in Wild Beauty’s hand cream line.  Our hands are one of the first areas that show the signs of aging.




Mature skin requires special care.  With age your skin loses its elasticity and tends to become dry.  Much like dry skin, one of the main themes in taking care of mature skin is moisture retention.  Moisture will lubricate the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  Evening primrose and pomegranate oils are considered some of the best skin natural moisturizers.  They fade wrinkles, revitalize mature skin while improving elasticity skin tone and leaving a healthy glow.




Don’t use harsh soaps like deodorants soaps. Most soaps are alkaline, which means it removes the skin’s natural oils and contain drying ingredients agents.  Use milk or cream cleansers.  Never use soap for you face.  An avocado face mask is very beneficial for mature skin.  Avocados are filled with monounsaturated fats, vitamin B and E hydrate that balance and restore radiance to mature skin.


There are so many products on the market but something that seems to be left out from all the articles is the attitude you show off to the world.  A positive attitude and a smiling face make you look younger.   A genuine smile takes 12 muscles.  A frown 11 muscles and a fake smile takes 2 because the eyes aren’t smiling.

-Felecia Scott



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