There Is Something To Natural Skin Care Remedies


Here's Girl

As I wrote in my earlier about my adventures in dog sitting, my neighbor’s dog Girl scratched me while playing.  So I decided to document using my company’s product – Lavender Infused Body Oil to heal it.  I time dated the pictures to verify that I haven’t manipulated anything.


This happened 12/26/10. Here’s the scratch after it happened.


My scratch on 12/28/10

My scratch healing 12-30-10

A little over a week. Not bad for a body oil with no chemicals.

I think the dog scratch healed pretty nicely.  The only ingredients in Wild Beauty’s body oil are extra virgin olive oil, lavender and lavender essential oil.  No chemicals.  Lavender has natural anti-bacterial and healing properties.  You be the judge and yes all the pictures are of me.  No touch ups.  The pictures were taken with a cell phone camera.

– Felecia Scott

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