Paying Too Much For What You Can Make Yourself

Wild Beauty's Mochachino Foot Balm. It's made from Coffee Butter.

Being in the skincare business, I have to buy a lot of my raw materials from wholesalers. Some are out of the country. Your wallet takes a HUGE dent from the shipping charges.  In some cases shipping costs as much as what you purchased. I make a Mochachino foot balm out of coffee butter, which isn’t cheap and many companies don’t carry it.  It’s a specialty item. Cocoa butter and shea butter can be purchased easily. So today, I decided to try and create my own specialty butter- coffee butter.

I did my investigative homework. Coffee Butter is produced by hydrogenating the cold pressed oil from roasted coffee beans with other vegetable oils. The light hydrogenation process creates butter with good oxidative stability and a smooth, silky feel. Although I don’t have thousands of dollars to buy the expensive equipment but what I do have are century old family recipes.

I plan on making coffee infused oil first.  My first thought. Is there such a thing as coffee infused oil and can I really do that?  An inner voice said, “Heck yeah!”  As my drill sergeant used to say, “If I tell you a duck can pull a truck, don’t ask what.  Hook him up.” I was in Army and that’s another story.  But back to the article.

I will buy some coffee beans and ground them.  Next infuse them with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed has no fragrance.  I want the heavenly aroma of the coffee beans to be prevalent. After letting it sit for 2-3 weeks, I’ll strain it with a cheese cloth. I will combine with soy butter because it does not have a fragrance.  Soy butter re-hydrates and replenishes the skin’s lipid barrier to help hold in moisture while softening dry, chafed skin (basically your feet).

Alright everyone wish me luck and will keep you updated.  I’m really excited about this challenge that I’ve given myself.


Felecia Scott


“Little by little one walks far.” – Peruvian Proverb



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