Really, You’re Bringing Up Valentine’s Day Already?


I think the picture says it all.

Yes, we are because Valentine’s Day has a way of erecting fear, dread, apprehension and a colossal headache for some people. Then there are the experts who put on the added pressure of what you’re supposed to buy. Where you should go? How much to spend and what is considered romantic every year. It’s overwhelming.

We are going to start early, this year. I believe some of the most amazing tips and suggestions will come every day people. Some of us don’t have a degree in psychology but our life experiences more than make up for it. Your first date idea could be a great Valentine’s date for someone else. Your special Valentine’s Day memory can be the inspiration for another.

This year, let’s hear your stories about what your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever makes your heart do a little flutter when you see them. Your memories will make priceless knew ones for someone else.  We are starting early, giving us all plenty of time to pick from your suggestions.

No more waiting until the last minute. Gone are the days of stressing over a gift. We’re getting rid of the fear, dread, apprehension and colossal headaches. Leave your suggestions and comments here on Wild Beauty’s blog.  Let’s spread the word and the love this Valentine’s Day. By the time the big day comes, we will have ample ideas to choose from.

Felecia Scott


One thought on “Really, You’re Bringing Up Valentine’s Day Already?

  1. I’ll go first. It was right before Valentine’s Day, I’d say about a week. My boyfriend at the time, we went to the mall. He bought some football jersey. I bought some books and clothes. We ended meeting in front of a tea shop. We tasted some amazing green and white teas. They were fantastic and fantastic and expensive. The gift set was beautiful. I told my boyfriend, I would buy it with my next paycheck.
    Well, as you can guess, he bought it for me and give it to me including flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

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