I’m Social Media Challenged!

First, I want to aplogize for not updating the blog regularly. I enjoy blogging but to be honest, there are some days where I couldn’t think of anything to write. I decided, correction I admitted I need help with my social media. A very, good friend of mine named Sage recommended a small business center to help me with my non existent social media and grow my business. I went to the California Small Business Development Center here in Los Angeles. I registed with the SBDC host by Pacific Coast Regional 3225 Wilshire Blvd, 15th floor, LA. It’s a free service paid by our tax dollars and went to the orientation, which lasted an hour. 

I was assigned an initial counselor named Martha. We went over my company Wild Beauty‘s strenghts and weaknessess. What are my company goals? What are my life goals and so forth? Because if you don’t know what you want or where you’re going, how can you create a path to acheive it. We decided that I would meet with a marketing, PR and social media counselors for now since those were the area I was lacking. It’s hard to 1. Admit your need help. 2. You’re lacking skills in certain areas. Martha was very encouraging but honest.

What I really enjoyed about my inital meeting was that each counselor specializes in their niche. So if you meet with a marketing counselor that’s what you talk about marking, not legal just marketing. Martha and I decided that I would meet with a marketing, PR and social media counselors for now. My next counselor was Matt last Friday, May 6th for about an hour and brainstormed. I really enjoyed the fact, that his area of expertise was social media and that’s what we concentrtated on. He gave me homework that I had to complete.

1. Search Twitter, Facebook and a few other sites with active followers and engaging content. Study them and see how I can implement into my own social media.

2. Change my blog to Vlog. I’ve realized, I have a blast creating informative videos about hair skin, hair care and wellness.

3. He recommended a book for me to purchase by Gary Vaynerchuk “CRUSH IT”. It’s been a phenominal read. Gary startedWine Library TV. He turned his passion for wine into an empire. Go the site and learn how.

4. Enlist the helps of friends that I know who will help pass the word via Facebook, since I do have a fan page Wild Beauty and willing to be admins. Suggest to friends who are looking to get the healthiest skin by nature with natural remdies and skin care tips.

5.Since I enjoy creating informational, skin care vidoes that what I should focus more on Video Blogs. I will be researching and watching them.

All my homework needs to be finished by our next meeting Friday, May 13th. So wish me luck. Week one has begun!

Felecia Scott – Natural Skin Care Artisan



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