Popped Our Red Carpet Cherry!

The date was May 21, 2010, at The Ms. Exoti -Lady World Pageant was held at the Universal Hilton inUniversalCity. My company Wild Beauty was on one of the sponsors for the event. It was exciting, scary with a touch of vicarious thrill. The lights, people taking pictures and then having to speak, I felt as if a thousand cotton balls were in my mouth from nerves.

After I stumbled through my first interview on the red carpet, I felt more comfortable and fell into the groove for the second. It was easy getting the hang of it by the third interview.

Here are some of the highlights from The Ms. Exoti – Lady World Pageant.

Our first celebrity interview  and I was thrilled with was “Twilight” star Rick Mora. He’s down to Earth, very funny and did I mention extremely handsome.

I was able to hang out and get a few tips for breaking into the music industry by “American Idol’s” Shane Atoms from Season 10. He gave a hot performance at the Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant.

I can say this was a night, I will never forget. I mean who can forget popping their cherry.

Felecia Scott


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