And You Say There Isn’t Any Opportunities In This Economy

Ma Jasmin's Owners Sage and Sonny Sehmi Gourmet Indian Food With British Infusion

Every Wednesday, I go the Farmers Market at Barnesdale Park. I buy fresh fruit, vegetables and eat mouth watering food from local vendors  One of my ex-co workers Sage stepped out on faith and passion with her husband Sonny, starting a gourmet Indian food with a British infusion business – Ma Jasmin’s.

They are small business just like me. I watch them interact with their customers and growing their business every week. We offer advice to each other. Find out what worked and didn’t. It’s trial and error. You can have the best business plan in the world but until you push past the paralyzing fear, doubt, nay sayers and procrastination, that’s all it is. We all agreed, we started our businesses with one idea and it went into another example.

For me, I started my company Wild Beauty with the plan I would be making only hand creams and foot balms. The infused oil I use to make my hand cream went up dramatically. So I decided to make my own. My friends tested the infused oil, loved it and I started making body oils, which I call now aroma-therapeutic oils.

Now I’ve branched out doing custom work with Wild Beauty Skin Care. I provide the ingredients and century old family beauty recipes for my clients to design hand creams and body soufflés to their skins needs and personal preference.

So you have to be flexible and know not everything is going to go according to plan. Every college that has a business course needs to send students to a farmers market and let them hang out with the vendors and see what it’s really like starting a business. What it takes to grown one.

I’ve come up with a few ideas from talking with Sage and Sonny using video to grow my business, Wild Beauty. Once I finalize my plans, I will let all of you know. I’m very excited about it As you can tell I enjoy making videos. So I want to formally introduce Ma Jasmin’s gourmet Indian food with British infusion. They are located inLos Angeles. You can find them at the Barnesdale Park Farmers Market every Wed and the Alhambra Farmers market every Sunday.

For those of you who say there isn’t any opportunities in this economy, you are wrong. Sage, Sonny and myself are creating our opportunity every day. Watch the videos and let our businesses inspire you.

Felecia Scott/Natural Skin Care Artisan

“Healthy Skin By Nature


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