The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Our 1 Month Anniversary

At the Hollywood Farmer's Market. It's our 1 month anniversary.

Thank you to everyone for reading “The Pop Up Store Chronicles”.  Following Wild Beauty and I from an online store to a floating, pop up store. First, let me say that I understand not everyone can have a travelling store like me. This blog is about stepping outside the box, fighting your fear and doubt (which I do every day). Believing in yourself when no one else does and that someone else is going through the very same challenges.

When I showed up today, Shoshanna wasn’t there. You get used to seeing people and get a little disappointed when they aren’t. The time does pass by a little faster because and you build camaraderie. In the end to grow my business, the responsibility lies with me and no one else. It was slow today.

One of my first customers who bought Wild Beauty aroma-therapeutic body oils on my opening weekend at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market – Sandypaid me a visit. She has a bubbly personality and has done her research on organic skin care. She drilled about what ingredients I used. What are there benefits? After I answered all her questions then Sandy bought the Lavender Vanilla aroma-therapeutic body oil. Here’s her testimony.

Not as many customers at the Farmer’s market but still a steady flow of people. I was told by one of the farmer’s market patrons about the Los Feliz Street Fair on Hollywood blvd between Hillhurst andVermont Avenue. I should head over there. Shame on me, I left 30 minutes early.

Felecia Scott (left) Andre Royo (Right)

I set up Wild Beauty’s pop up store in the grass outside Chase Bank of Vermontabout 50 feet from the entrance of in between the Shell Gas Station and Chase Bank on Vermont. I couldn’t complain. I had a great time meeting people and making a few sales. But the exposure I received was more than I bargained for. Guess who I was able to meet and get picture with as I closed shop. – Andre Royo. He’s a veteran African America actor and on the Fox TV Show – “Fringe” and upcoming movie “Red Tales” based on the Tuskegee Airmen tentatively scheduled for release January 2012.

What a great 1 month anniversary!

When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” – Anthony Robbins

Felecia Scott / Natural Skin Care Artisan

Founder Wild Beauty


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