The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Creating and Making Golden Opportunities

I'll admit this isn't the best picture. The Information Diva, Deborah Thomas on the (Left). Felecia Scott, Founder Wild Beauty on the (Right).

On Thursday, August 11th I received tickets from the Pacific Coast Regional SBDC for the West Coast Expo for Friday, August 12th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I went there to see my social media counselor, Matt Mora. I came down, passed out samples and flyers then went inside. Talk about positive energy. You could see the small business owners loved what they did and were very knowledgeable about their services and products. Everyone was networking and connecting, sharing information. I met The Information Diva, Deborah Thomas at her exhibit booth.

Deborah is an author, coach, trainer and speaker helping woman  generate six-figures doing business like a woman, not like a man. She E.O. …not C.E.O. We met on Twitter. She’s been following my journey with Wild Beauty on the “The Pop Up Store Chronicles”.

I gave her a sample of Wild Beauty’s Body Oil. She really liked it. Deborah introduced me to Stephenia Motton from Relax Urself Day spa, a massage therapist. We are going to be doing some cross promotions, since my products are her service compliment each other.


This was a weekend, I will never forget!

Les Brown, the motivation speaker was there doing a live radio show. I was able to meet him. I’ve listened to his radio show on 980 AM from 2-4pm. Talk about gracious, during the commercial breaks he came and shook hands with his listeners and talked to us. I was also able to have a moment with his radio show director. He said, “I’d like for you to come onto the show.” Talk about jaw dropping. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly. He wanted “ME” to come on the air. He said, “Yes, you.”

Everything happened so fast. I jumped on Twitter and told everyone I was going on the Les Brown Show. I didn’t know my fingers could move that fast. No sooner than I fired off the tweet I was being called to the stage. Now I’m sitting next to Les Brown. The radio show manager is telling him who I am. I quickly told Les my story. He gave me a quick guideline of what he’s going to ask me. We had eight minutes. Now eight minutes may not seem like a long time but when you’ve never done an interview on this level, nervous and still in shock it seems like eighty minutes.



Les Brown (Left) Felecia Scott (Right)

Now I’m on the air. I told him about being laid off from work as a paralegal, how I started my business along with the trials and tribulations. The empowering messages and direct words of his show have helped me a lot. He really does impact people’s lives. Les let me promote Wild Beauty, where you can find me on what days, the hours and the website. I had to repeat the website address about 3 times I was shaking from my nervous energy and talking fast.

I truly enjoyed the short time I was able to spend with Les Brown. It was a blessing and just the beginning journey of an incredible weekend.





Here's Manny!! Yes, this picture was taken on the Metro Bus on my way to Long Beach for the Jazz Festival. I still can't believe I made sale on the bus.

I went to the Long Beach Jazz Festival to set up Wild Beauty’s Pop Up Store. I made a sale on the Metro Bus to Manny. He loves body oils. He uses them as shaving oil, YEAH! Also he was in the hotel management business for 30 years. He was a regional Director the last ten. He started off with the Days Inn and moved his way up to the higher end hotels.

Manny informed me, I should get Wild Beauty aroma-therapeutic body oils in gift baskets for hotels VIP guest. I should approach the high end ones The W and Roosevelt in Hollywood. The Standard, Argyle, The London and a few more on the Sunset Strip. I’m going to make the list of high end hotels and approaching at six hotels every day. I’m so thankful to Manny for the advice on which I need to contact and approach. We talked all the way down to Long Beach where we switched from the bus to the train. He has a lot of free time now and wants to help me grow Wild Beauty.

At the Long Beach Jazz Festival


Finally arriving in Long Beach, it took me a while to find a location but I did on Shoreline just east of Pike. The Hyatt was across the street and the Jazz Festival was on the right of The Hyatt. There was a vendor beside me who set up and sold hot dogs. I forgot to write down her name but she was hilarious. She had the same idea, that this would be a great weekend to down and make money while promoting her company. I met a woman named Ester. She’s from Lakewood, California. She knows her essential oils and used lavender to get rid of ants. I’ve posted her video and photos from this past, incredible weekend on Wild Beauty’s Facebook.


(Right) Theresa Graves (Center) Felecia Scott (Left) Daniel Graves

As I finished listening to Groove Theory,  a man came up to me and said, “You were on the Les Brown radio show Friday?” I smiled and said, “Yes.” His name is Daniel Graves and his wife, Theresa. He heard me on Les Brown and remembered my name and Wild Beauty’s name because I had to repeat it twice. He enjoyed hearing my story over the radio. He went and found his wife, Theresa to bring her back and to tell her he found the woman he heard on the radio. He remembered my company name because Les kept telling me to repeat my company name and website address 3 times because I was so nervous.

They have a small business “Enagic”,  Japanese water machine that produce the highest form of filtered, alkaline water.  I had a blast talking and getting to know them.

Sigh, the weekend is over. Now i’m offer to make a list of hotels that I will be going after to place Wild Beauty’s Aroma-therapeutic body oils in their VIP gift baskets. Of course, I will be blogging about that too.

Felecia Scott/Natural Skin Care Artisan




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