The Pop Up Store Chronicles – I’m Your Door To Door Saleswoman

This picture was taken in front of the Pantages Theater (alot of successful Broadway musicals are featured here to sell out crowds) on Hollywood Blvd just before Vine. I had just dropped off a sample of Wild Beauty's Body Oil to the "W" Hotel in Hollywood. Website:


Now I’m the door to door saleswoman. Last week and this week I’ve been approaching the high end hotels here in LA. Since I don’t have a car, I take public transportation and walk all over Hollywood to the famous Sunset Strip bag in hand. It’s been extremely hot. At the end of the day, I’m tired, sweaty, my dogs are howling in pain (my feet) and exhausted. I had more bags in the briefcase.

This is the unglamorous side of a small business owner. Not that I’m complaining if it sounds like it but this is the realistic side and what you have to do if you want to grow your business. Let people/companies know you exist. Which means getting out of the house and hitting the pavement or on the phone.





What was inside the bag? Making it easy for the hotels to contact me.


As much as I enjoy having the pop up store, I truly desire to have my own small retail store for my company Wild Beauty. This means stepping outside ones comfort zone, fighting another round of fear and handle rejections because not everyone is going to be enthusiast about what I’m selling and that’s okay. I know and have unwavering faith in myself and the products I sell will be beneficial addition to any hotel, spa or boutique.

Each bag had 2 aroma-therapeutic body oils, brochure and business card. I wanted to appear professional, I talked with confidence (not arrogance) there’s a difference. Made eye contact with everyone and took business cards. What I learned is that for the higher end hotels just about all had a concierge service. They would deliver my samples to the sales/marketing or purchasing department. It can be either or it just depends on the hotel.






The Famous Standard Hotel here in LA on the Sunset Strip on Sunset Blvd. It's beautiful inside. When you go to the back and hang out at the pool you have this mouth dropping view of LA. Website


I’m glad I chose I wanted to be stylish with a mix of professionalism because more than once I received a shrewd but very disguised once over. This is why it’s so important to be put together. Two of the concierges called the marketing and sales department, informing them they were coming up with a package and delivered Wild Beauty’s body oils. I had to fight to keep my mouth from giving a huge shout of victory.

Instead I casually strolled out of the hotel and walked far enough away where I could cut loose and did. I know people thought I was a straight up lunatic. I didn’t care. You have to celebrate the small achievements. After walking all overHollywoodand the Sunset Strip in the heat and sore feet, I earned the right to celebrate.





The Sunset Towers Hotel another one of the famous hotels in LA and on the Sunset Strip - Website

None of the concierge at the hotels turned me away and 95% gave me their business cards before I could ask for it. I was told that having all my information put together in the bag makes their job a lot easier.

I’m not going to say which hotel it was but a male concierge said, “Being prepared and having all your material and information together (like I had in my bag) gives them a better impression. A better chance of getting your product, service or whatever it is you want to give to the person or department sooner rather than later.”

A female concierge advised, “Remember you respresent your business, take pride in what you wear and this goes for the way you talk.  It’s easier to take a person serious when their not chomping down on piece of gum telling you to please deliver this.”  I was surprised by the advice because I didn’t realize people came to them doing this absolute no no’s but they do all the time.







This is the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa cross streets of Hollywood Blvd and Highland. A major tourist hub. Another hotel I dropped off sample of Wild Beauty's Body Oil. It's Stunning inside - Website

The Andez is from the Hyatt Hotel. It's a luxury boutique hotel. The interior is very modern and eclectic. I want to say within the last 2 years. It's the new edition to the Sunset Strip - Website



Here's the "W" Hotel. This was my first stop. It's was built on top of the Hollywood and Vine Metro Station (Train). I just hopped off the train, went upstairs and the hotel was there - Website:

Next week, I’m going to more the high end hotels and boutique hotels in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Wild Beauty’s newest aroma-therapeutic oil(which will be in some of the sample bags) Rose Bud and White Tea will be the featured in our next blog webisode tomorrow Friday, August 26th.  It goes on sale Sept 1, 2011.  Next month Wild Beauty will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

Felecia Scott/ Natural Skin Care Artisan


6 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – I’m Your Door To Door Saleswoman

    • Thank you Lisa, I’m excited too. The first hotel I approached was the hardest because I’ve never done sales before. I was a paralegal so this is new. But after the fifth one, I was more relaxed growing less intimidated and more confident going into each hotel. I’m made a list of spa as well. I’m going to keep knocking and someone will say yes. I have to be patient. I will update you as to the results. Thank you for your kind words of support.

  1. Being a entrepreneur, myself-I want to APPLAUD You!!! Amazing works-Congrat’s and may God Bless you and your business like you have never seen before in 2012, and forever more:)!!!

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