The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Everything That Can Go Wrong Does Go Wrong Day

How can anyone smile like that after having a bad morning??

Have you had a morning where everything goes wrong? I overslept by 30 minutes then tripped over my shoes twice. Next bumping my shin on the futon leg and kept dropping bottles of body oils one after the other. I couldn’t find the labels for Wild Beauty’s Lavender Vanilla Body Oil. Everything was spiraling downhill and out of control fast. Before I knew it, I was stomping around the apartment with clenched teeth, grunting in frustration. This all happened before getting out the door.

I look at the time it is 9 o’clock. I have to catch the Red Line (underground Metro train) by 9:20 am. So I’m walking as fast pushing this cart with all of Wild Beauty’s pop up store, products, material and chalk board, praying that none of it falls off. So now I’m anxious, frazzled and frustrated and my shin still hurts from where I banged it against the futon. I made it with 2 minutes to spare. How was I supposed to vend in to Larchmont in this mood?

This is what I was pushing to the train. It was secured and nothing was smashed believe it or not.

On the train, I had to take a moment to calm down. I remembered what my mom taught me it’s called Qigong. When I feel myself about to have a panic attack and I right there the verge, I started my breathing technique. I closed my eyes, quiet my mind and started breathing deeply and slowly. Sometimes you have to stop, take a moment and re group because if you don’t it will be even harder to turn your day around.

I did that for about ten minutes until I heard my stop. I felt better. A man said to me getting off, “When you came on the train you looked ready to fight the world, now you are ready to face it.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.”  When I arrived at Larchmont, the excitement began forming. I found myself smiling. The guy was right. I was ready to face the world.

This is Tiffany. She bought the Cocoa Butter Lotion and Sage bundle.

As I was setting up a woman came to Wild Beauty’s Pop Up Store and asked to try the cocoa butter lotion, I had set out. I only had samples of the products out, I was selling. She bought the cocoa butter lotion right on the spot. I didn’t have enough change for a $10.00 so she watched my store while I went to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market which was 200 feet away to get change.

No sooner than I finished setting up, a young woman came and asked me about skin care. She bought some sugar from the market and wanted to make a recipe emulating Sugar’s (is a skin care company) sugar body scrub and wanted to know what’s a great oil to use. I told her olive oil to be precise extra virgin olive oil.

She said, “I’ve been using that. So…I’m doing it right. I use olive oil in my hair.” I told her, “Yes, you are doing it right.”

She replied, “Thank you. I came to ask you because you sell natural and organic skin care. I figured you’d have the answer.”

I was very honest that she came and asked me for advice.

Yoonsah, the cute girl from last week came again. She was my helper for the day. One of my customers gave her a dollar. He said, “Since she worked, she should get paid.” Her mother Kristen Jung and I have become friends.

Another woman stopped by Wild Beauty’s Pop Up Store and was interested in the aroma-therapeutic body oils, I make. She said she doesn’t use lotions. Her friend is a chemist and creates lotion formulas for the big corporations. Her friend informed her of the chemicals and other stuff they put in. Now only uses body oils because they are better for skin.

I did an end of summer sale for the Labor Day Weekend only. I had a few ingredients sitting around not being used. So I made pure 100% cocoa butter lotion. It was a big hit. Now I have to order more ingredients for the cocoa butter lotion, which will become part of Wild Beauty’s skin care line.

Although the day started out hectic and with a lot of bumps and a bruise (literally) they day ended on a positive and fantastic vibe. So what did I learn? Change and shift your focus from positive and negative. If it means stepping out for a walk, doing a few minutes of meditation, anything that will bring you out of your present mind and get’s you back focusing.

I know you may that I’m talking out of the side of my neck and that’s impossible to do but it’s not. If you don’t try your will day will get worse, I can assure you. We’ve all said, “When will this day end?” or “I’m ready for tomorrow because this day sucks.” It’s a fact. The pattern will continue. You’ll start complaining about everything. Having more mishaps and mistakes, it turns into “Everything That Can Go Wrong Does Go Wrong Day” so please take that moment!!!

Also we’ll have a video webisode on Thursday with details about Wild Beauty’s 1 year anniversary SEPTEMBER 12, 2011.

Felecia Scott/Natural Skin Care Artisan

Wild Beauty


4 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Everything That Can Go Wrong Does Go Wrong Day

    • I used no synthetic fragrance or colors just the delicious and heavenly scent of 100% pure cocoa butter. I can tell you everyone noticed and felt the difference right away. They would say this doesn’t smell like Palmers, it smells real. This isn’t isn’t like Palmers where you have to work it in, this lotion is just absorbed by my skin. It’s now a staple in my skin care line and ordering the ingredients again.

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