The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Crisis Dead Ahead!

You've had just too much fun messing with me!



Sometimes you have to say, I have no idea how I’m going to do this. I have no idea of how I’m going to achieve this but I will. It seems since Sunday I’ve putting out small fires every day. You go into business knowing you’re going to have tough days and get knocked around. No amount of books, articles and advice will prepare you for when those days come and how often they will come. These are the growing pains that all small business owners must go through. I’ve been dealing with small fires and keeping from EXPLODING into massive ones.

Now that I’ve thrown water, stomped, kicked dirt and finally able to stomp down the burning embers until they stopped smoking, I have to a chance to share what I’ve been going through since Sunday.




Sunday – September 11, 2011

This is what I felt like doing!!

When I came home from the farmer’s market this past Sunday, my wifi adapter died. Three months prior my wifi on my laptop died also. Now for the past two weeks, I closed Wild Beauty’s online store. I wanted to have it open in time for our anniversary but with my adapter fried, I had to get a new one.

So I purchase a new one. Come back home and learn the internet for our building is kaput. Now I’m really getting nervous. The grand reopening is tomorrow (Monday) and I have no internet. Some of you may not be aware but I work from home. I couldn’t believe this was happening the day before my company’s 1 year anniversary.  I want to cry but I don’t have the luxury. I’m afraid that if I cry I won’t stop, sounds silly doesn’t it.


Monday – September 12, 2011


the picture says it all!

I woke up early and went to It’s a Grind Coffee Shop for the finishing touches on the online store, Facebook and Twitter. Believe it or not I was able to finish all my tasks and had 15 minutes to spare. Talk about cutting it close. But I couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief because I wasn’t done being tested.

I went home around 1 pm praying my internet would be back up….NO LUCK. It’s down the management company who owns my apartment building couldn’t give an ETA of when it will be in service again. I gave into my frustration I didn’t cry but cussed. I cussed from A to Z and it felt great. I finally let out some frustration then got a grip, calmed down and started figuring out how I would pull off the live Ustream broadcast in five hours with no internet in my apartment. I called a few people but no one would be home around the time of the broadcast…so I decided to live broadcast from It’s A Grind Coffee Shop.

The broadcast was supposed to start at 6pm but didn’t start till 6:10pm because I had a hard time getting into It’s A Grind internet. Then 30 minutes into the broadcast their internet went kaput!! I got kicked off!! I couldn’t believe it. It was everything that could go wrong, did go wrong take 2 and for whatever reason, I started laughing. What else could I do? So I had to go to the barista and tell him, the internet was down. He rebooted the system and 10 minutes later I was back online. Talk about a memorable one year anniversary. I recorded the broadcast so you can watch it here.


Tuesday – September 13, 2011


Sometimes you just have to laugh!!

Internet is still down in the building. I go the library onSanta MonicaandVermont. I try to connect to their internet but I wasn’t able to through my adapter. So I went to the library on Hillhurst and Franklin, which is not that far from the other one. The same thing happened. I found myself laughing again.

I figured this was a lesson for me. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the convenience of working from home using the internet in my building. Even though it’s free it really isn’t because I pay for it with my rent. Also to be able to find humor, smile, and keep my sanity through any crisis I have to go through whether in business and life.


Felecia Scott/ Founder Wild Beauty




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