Product Development – Fail, Epic Fail And Then Eureka!

You might say, "Oh, it doesn't look so bad but have a second look."

No one likes to admit they failed. No one wants any pictures revealed to show how badly you failed. Well today, I’m going to show you how badly I failed then succeeded. I’m preparing for the holidays (93 days till Christmas). I wanted to create 2 more types of soap and 1 new body oil for Wild Beauty.

The chamomile flowers with chamomile neroli essential oil soap....Yeah, not very appealing.

The first soap I tried to make was with chamomile flowers with chamomile Neroli essential oil. What an utter disaster. It had a sickening, sweet over powering and gagging flower fragrance. I’m not exaggerating. It looked like…a hot mess. The dried chamomile flowers floated to the top and were exposed to the air and turned brown. As you can see by the picture, the bar of soap is HIDEOUS.

Here we have the basil sage and mint essential oils soap with mint leaves. The fragrance was weak, too much oils so it separated.

Problem number 2 with the basil sage and mint soap.

Next we have the basil sage and mint soap. The cupcake paper I poured the soap into stuck to the soap. So I thought it would be easier, if I put the bars of soap in the freezer thinking it would be easier to peel off the paper – WRONG. Look at the picture and see what happened. It made it worse and the paper was impossible to peel off. I had to throw out all the soap with paper.

*The cupcake cups I bought came in both aluminum and paper. The aluminum ones worked great and easy to peel off.

Now during this disaster my fiancé, Walter calls. He starts laughing because I’m cussing at how I ruined the soap. He says that when I cuss it sounds funny. He told me to use wax cupcake cups. They would work better than paper. So I’m off to find wax cupcake cups (try saying that 3 times fast) but if I can’t I’ll use aluminum.

I found success with the honey almond soap. This soap is 100% certified natural. It was hard to find but I did. My paralegal skills are still as sharp as ever. I haven't lost it.

I chose a glycerin, natural soap base. It’s very simple melt and pour soap. I can add whatever ingredients, I want. I searched all over the internet for a natural soap base with natural ingredients and up finding it in Canada. The only reason I can’t say its not organic is because it’s not certified USDA and from Canada. The regulations for cosmetics and skin care products are a lot stricter there than in the United States. The soap rinses off clean with a nice lather without the foam boosters such as (Sodium Laurel Sulfate which is on next weeks habitual skin care ingredient offender).

I enjoy making natural soap but I need a well ventilated space that's not in an apartment building.

I do know how to make soap. Believe it or not natural soap is made from lye. Yes, you heard me correctly 100% lye. You need proper ventilation. I live in an apartment and the toxic fumes from the lye will have people in my building thinking I’m running a meth lab. Here’s a great article, picture and step by step how to on how to make soap click here.

Pictures of success:

Let's see that Honey Almond Soap Again. Success!!!

Here's the Basil Sage and Mint Soap. I took out the mint leaves. I don't add any synthetic colors. It's my personal preference.

The body Oil, I decided not to add a new one. I decided on a lotion instead. I’m not going to tell you what is is until mid October. That’s a secret.

Felecia Scott / Founder Wild Beauty


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