The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Quantity Vs. Quality

Wild Beauty's Pop Up Store

I chose not to open Wild Beauty’s Pop Up Store this past Sunday in Larchmont. Last week as you may know was The Emmy’s. I was completely wiped out of products from the events. I reordered all my raw materials and by Friday I had everything.

I really wanted to do the Pop Up Store in Larchmont but I would be rushing to make the body oils and soaps. Here’s my dilemma. In every business you want to make profit but at what cost? Do I and excuse my language half ass it. Rush to make products to make money or take time making quality products that Wild Beauty is known for and lose out on a day of sales?


(Left) My grandmother Sarah Scott (Right) Me

This brings me back to my childhood and making skin care creations with my grandmother, Sarah Scott in the kitchen. She’d open her wooden box of recipe cards, some hand written while others were typed. Many she knew from memory. We took our time picking out recipes and choosing the ingredients. I’m smiling right now remembering my grandmother reminiscing about being in the kitchen with my great, great grandmother Mamie. I can hear the love in her voice so clearly at how fascinated she was watching grandma Mamie use herbs to make healing salves with wide eyed fascination.

My grandmother's cold oven pound cake brings everyone to the kitchen. My family would argue about who gets to lick the beaters.

My grandmother’s cold oven pound cake is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! This one time she waited last minute to make the cake and one of my and one of my uncles made the comment, “Mom, this cake doesn’t taste like it normally does.” My grandmother gave him “the look”.  Nothing else needed to be said. He quickly retreated from the kitchen with his piece of cake, knowing he should have kept his mouth shut.

I asked my grandma later on how come she didn’t say anything to him. She replied, “He was right. I was in a rush to make it. I want to you remember this, Felecia. Everyone knows when something is made with love, passion and true sincerity. They will let you know when it isn’t.” I completely agree. That is the reason why, I didn’t open the pop up store this past Sunday. Whatever body oils or soaps I made would have been poor quality. I wouldn’t be comfortable and confident selling to people knowing this.

This is the top view of the pink rose bud black tea infused body oil. It's just about ready. I use real pink rose buds, lots of them. I'm bringing the "natural" back into natural skin care.

This would hurt me and Wild Beauty in the long run. My repeat customers would know the difference. I can hear them saying just like my uncle said to my grandma, “This doesn’t moisturize like the previous body oil I bought. This soap doesn’t smell like the last one. Something’s different.” My first time customers wouldn’t be impressed either. Negative comments can seriously hurt and even kill your business.


Making aroma-therapeutic skin care (better known as natural skin care) is my passion. Sighing in pure bliss smelling the dried lavender buds lavender flower buds I’m about to use. Meticulous measuring out the essential oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits of herbs and flowers infused with the oil. Giving a shout of victory as my new batch of soap that had been giving me trouble comes out perfectly. (Read the previous blog about product development and you’ll understand click here).

How can I choose quantity over quality? I choose Quality! Thanks grandma.

Felecia Scott / Founder Wild Beauty


5 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Quantity Vs. Quality

  1. Great decision! If everyone recognized that their biz is about the clients and not themselves then more of those truly “customer-service” oriented decisions would get made in favor of the clients and not what’s easiest, most-convenient or most-expedient for the business. Business doesn’t exist without clients, and you should feel proud of yourself for exemplifying that you truly are customer-centered! Congratulations!
    Make it Great! Theresa

    • Thank you, Theresa. It’s very tempting to take that shortcut. This could save me a few dollars or shave some time off this product so I can make this one too. It dangerous trap you fall into because you are right, you start thinking about you and not the client. Your in business because of customers. They believe you are providing them quality service that makes their life, skin or whatever your do better. None of us should take that for granted.

  2. When you rush, you forget to add something or too much of something. it’s just a lower quality product, service or whatever your business is. I’m glad that I waited because the oils are coming out fantastic. They smell, feel and look great. I can sell them with pride and confidence.

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