The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Trials and Tribulations Keep Coming

Here's my computer that died. It's a Toshiba. The #1 key is missing from the keyboard. I used scotch tape to keep the numbers 2-5 in place. That's just the beginning of all the issues I had. My computer was on life support and every day I gave it CPR, I just couldn't give up on it.

We pick up from where the previous blog ended “The Ultimate Rejection”.  Last week was filled with trials and tribulations for myself and Wild Beauty. It had me asking myself, “Did I really sign up for this?” The answer was yes.  It all started with such a simple phrase. ”I’ll get to it later.” This phrase should be deleted from our vocabulary. It is from mine. Those words cost me BIG TIME! My computer died Friday night, September 30th. The same day when I was hit with the Ultimate Rejection, talk about a blow. I had been meaning to for the longest time to buy an external hard drive and those famous words came back to haunt me, “I’ll get to it later.”

I lost everything pictures, files, videos. You name it. I lost it. For the second time in two days I cried. I was supposed to give (one of the top 50 bloggers for natural/organic skin care) pictures from the product development blog, I wrote about earlier. When I made the soap and the first couple batchers were disastrous.  Now I have no pictures to send.

I completely related to this man. That's how I looked staring at my computer.

I have no one else to blame but myself. I know what you’re thinking. I should have already had one. Let me ask some of you reading this post. Do you have an external hard drive to back up your information (computer)? I bet a whole bunch of you don’t.  So now I’m waiting for the technician who is now in the process of extracting all the data from my hard drive and transfer to my external. Actually, he’s hoping he can recover some it but it doesn’t look good.

Like my mother used to say, “A hard head makes a soft butt” translation. “Stop being hard headed and it will save you from a lot of pain later, especially in your pocket.

My angel, the silent partner in Wild Beauty, my fiancé Walter bought me a new computer from Best Busy, a Lenovo, supposedly one of the best brands out there.

My new Gateway. I can't complain and I love the screen saver.

Two days later, I wasn’t impressed because it stopped working. It turned on but wouldn’t start up.  Can you say WTH? My trials and tribulations are really taking a toll on me. What is it with me and electronics? So we had to go right back to Best Buy and get another Lenovo. They sold out of that model and I ended up with a Gateway.  I’m pleased to say, I have a computer that now works.

We will continue to have trials in tribulations in life and especially business. It is how we handle those trials and tribulations is what’s going to make us successful in both aspects of our lives. It’s the good times that get me through these storms of turbulence. Thankfully, I’m now having more good than bad. I’m taking this time and using it as a Golden Opportunity. I’m starting from scratch all over again.  So let’s see what I do with it? Aren’t you curious? Well So am I.

Felecia Scott/Founder Wild Beauty


4 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Trials and Tribulations Keep Coming

    • I have mine now too. It was a hard and expensive lesson but very valuable and one I plan on not making again. I’m happy you are getting that hard drive. Everyone not just in business but everyone should have one.

  1. That is a frightening story. I would probaby loose it if my computer died on me. I do have backup, but it would be a long process to have to start up again from scratch. Hopefully your recipes and formulas weren’t lost!

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