A Golden Opportunity In Disguise

It was a beautiful day and I just realized that I was given a Golden Opportunity.

All last week and this week I’ve been in Barnsdall Park plugging away at getting Wild Beauty in tip top shape. I know a lot of you may be surprised at the positive tone in this blog compared to my last few. For those who are new to the blog here’s a quick recap about what happened. I dealt with the ultimate rejection. My personal computer died, it took all my file, pictures and video with it to electronic heaven.

So I should be dejected and I was for a moment. I allowed myself to have a little my pity party and got back to work. How am I going to be on Forbes Fortune 500 list if I’m too absorbed in my pity party? So I decided to look at this as a golden opportunity. Not every golden opportunity is going to announce itself. I’m happy to say, I’m excited and thrilled at the progress I have made. Here’s how I’m taking advantage.

When I started Wild Beauty, I wanted it to be a fun company, teaching about natural skin care with great products. Instead of doing what I intended, I followed what everyone else was doing and forgot to incorporate me into my company. What do I mean by that? Well, I was looking through some old business journals I had written it. I had some really great names for the fragrances for the body oils but because someone said that was stupid, no one is going to take me or my company seriously. Don’t do it and I didn’t.

These all my business journals. Just about everyday I write in them. I think every business owner should have them. Going through them periodically you can find great ideas.

I came across another journal and in one of the pages; there was a section where I had a rough draft of a mission statement I wrote. It started out Wild Beauty bringing back the “Natural” in natural skin care. The same person who shot down my idea for the fun fragrance names said that was too generic. If I wanted to succeed a mission statement like this one won’t do. If you want to be successful in business follow what all the other big natural skin care companies are doing.

(Now I understand her negativity and criticism. My friend has been in business 5 years. She has a make up company. It’s doing pretty well. A few months later she went opened another business which was a skincare line).

I didn’t want to be those other companies. I wanted to be me and inject my thoughts, belief, personality, humor and sell great body oils, soaps or whatever I decide to make using my family’s century old recipes.

The more I thought about that first sentence, bringing the “natural” back into natural skincare the bigger the grin on my face. The light went off and the music came on in the apartment above me with C-Lo Green’s song F**K YOU! I took this as a sign. I tossed all my old journals into my back pack, grabbed my portable folding chair and headed for Barnsdall Park. This past week, I’ve been in there hammering out my new mission statement, labels, product names and everything else you can imagine.

This is my old computer that died. I've had her for 5 years. I'm dedicating this blog post to you "Old Betsy" and yes, my computer has a name. You will be missed. to one more blog post to "Old Betsy" that's the name of my computer for giving me this golden opportunity.

I wouldn’t have been able to see that this was a golden opportunity in the making if it wasn’t for my computer. I want to give a HUGE shout out to my deceased Toshiba personal computer. Thank you for taking all my files with you when you left me.

Thanks to my golden opportunity I have the mission statement that truly reflects what my philosophy and Wild Beauty’s promise to the world. Are you curious? Click here.

Over the next 3 weeks I’ll have more updates about making the most of my golden opportunity and the changes I have implemented including new product names, website and social media platforms.

Felecia Scott Founder / Wild Beauty


4 thoughts on “A Golden Opportunity In Disguise

  1. It’s so true that opportunity comes in all guises.. good on you for realising that Betsy’s untimely demise was the start of something new for your business.. injecting plenty of YOU in to your business is fabulous advice too, a piece of our authentic self is the best value we can offer.. Good luck with your business!

    • Thank you, MIchelle. I love making body oils and now I’m going to be introducing bamboo candles for the holidays. In all the time I had been in business, I felt there was something missing in my message about what Wild Beauty was about and now I know and couldn’t be happier. The positive response and feedback has been amazing. We all want to be successful and we copy from the businesses we want to be like but forget to inject us into our business. Good luck in your business as well.

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