Everyone Can Make The Most Of A Golden Opportunity

I’ve been hard at work making the most of my golden opportunity (see previous blog post). I changed the names of the body oils and made informational videos about each of Wild Beauty’s aroma-therapeutic creations. When you go on the website, customers can watch a quick video while listening to music. I said that I wanted to have fun, be unique and infuse my personality into the company and I have.  Here’s Wild Beauty’s new and improved line up.

 Black Tea-sing Rose Bud Body Oil: They are the odd couple that goes together!

Cham Luvs Neroli Body Oil: The marriage of chamomile and neroli is a tickling of the senses while sensually soothing and aromatic at the same time.

 Kickin It w/Basil Sage and Mint Body Oil: In any herbalist’s garden you’ll find basil, sage and mint.

 Lavender Stress Less Vanilla Body Oil: Let Wild Beauty help you stress a little less.

What’s citrusy, tangy and energizing? Wild Beauty’s Citroliscious Soap

Two aromas great for reducing stress? Wild Beauty’s Lavender Stress Less Vanilla Soap

Next week we will have new pictures of the soaps and body oils with their new labels. I will reveal a sneak peak at Wild Beauty’s bamboo candle for the holidays.

Felecia Scott / Founder Wild Beauty


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