The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Yes, We Are Already Talking About Christmas

Can you believe next week is November!  I know the holidays are just about here because holiday gift boutiques are popping up. I belong to a Meetup Group. They have posted about 5 holiday boutiques so far. I was only able to get into one.

The competition to get your product/service into the holiday boutiques is fierce. I’m selling body oils and bamboo candles. It seems as if everyone is selling candles and they are getting the slots before I get to fill out my application and pay my fee. I find myself saying, “D*mn, I’ve got to be faster.”

Then when I fill out my application and pay my fee. I receive an email or a phone call saying, “Oh, I just filled that slot up. I love the idea of bamboo candles.” “I’ve never heard of bamboo candles before they  would’ve been great for our event.” “We will definitely keep you in mind of our next event. In fact you will be one of the first people I contact.” Then I say to myself, “D*mn, I’ve got to be faster.”

The good thing is that these vendors refunded my fee and now remember me for their next event.

Here's my first holiday event.

The next even I had seen and really wanted.  So I called first to see if they had anyone doing skin are or candles.  I called and was able to get the slot. There was another person doing candles and skin care but they said it was okay. They wanted know than two types of the same business.

Even though there is another very well-known candle company participating, I don’t mind at all. For me it’s friendly competition. There’s enough for everyone.  I don’t know of any other business at least where I am making candles from bamboo.  Yeah!!!

As we get ready for the holiday shopping season, I wish everyone a fun and prosperous holiday season.




Here's a sneak peek of what our bamboo candles will look like. I've been wanting to do candles for a while. I wanted them to be different, unique and with meaning. I'll explain it all and with pictures in my next post!!!

Oh and one more thing! On Wild Beauty’s Facebook I have a contest “Name Our Newest Candle Fragrance” which is Frankincense and Myrrh. The person who gives Wild Beauty a cool, funky new name wins all four candles that are coming out.

Good Luck!!

Felecia Scott /Founder Wild Beauty


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