Trying To Keep Sane Before A New Product Line Launch

I'm up to my neck in bamboo candles and loving it.

I’ve been making candles all week, getting ready for November 1st. That’s when Wild Beauty’s bamboo candles go on sale. I’ve also been stressing out and driving my fiancé, Walter insane.

“Walter, I need you to smell this.” “Walter, place those candles over there and be careful.” “Walter, don’t mix those candles up.” “Walter, I used the wrong candle wicks.” “Walter? Walter, are you listening to me?” I know he was thinking to himself, DOES THIS WOMAN KNOW ANY OTHER NAME!

These are the frankincense and myrrh candles. Lavender Stress Less Vanilla Candles.

This was the final incident. We had one candle left and trying to determine its burn time. When I left home the other night at 6pm for my walk, the candle was still burning. When I came home at 7:15pm it was still burning and didn’t have much wax left. Somewhere between 7:15 pm and 9pm the candle went out. I blamed him, when technically we were both supposed to be watching the candle.

That’s when he spoke up. Walter said, “I was obsessing about my candles.” and gave me the look (Felecia, you need to calm down and get a grip).  He was right and I knew it. I had turned into a candle making, stomping around King Kong raving lunatic. I’m smiling right now as I’m writing this blog post realizing that I’ve been tough on him. So I will make it up to Walter.

All though the bag doesn't look big it's 10 lbs of wax. I have 4 more just like that one. The dark brown jars as the essential oils and of course the bamboo cups.

I’m really excited about the candles. The response has been beyond anything I could imagine. Everyone who tested them wants to order more for their friends and family. I went to meet a friend of mine. He was one of the few people who agreed to be a tester for my body oils when everyone else turned me down. Now I have more people wanting to test my products than I know what to do with. Each candle will come with instructions on how to remove the wax. I’ll also have a video up on You Tube that shows you how as well.

The security guard where he works at seen and smelled one of the candles I gave my friend. He gave me money on the spot and ordered all 4 candles that Wild Beauty’s offers. I will be delivering his candles in person this Tuesday. I’m throwing in the soap bars. The security guard said, “My family will love these candles. I’ll be ordering more. Your bamboo candles will be my gift for the holiday season.” I think he’s right. I will promote the Wild Beauty’s Bamboo candles as the must have candle this holiday season.

Also on Wild Beauty’s Facebook, we have a contest going on. “Give  Our Candle Fragrance A Name”. I’m looking for a cool, new and funky name for the frankincense and myrrh fragrance.

This is were you come in. Post your name recommendations below. There can’t be any obscenities or offensive language. We want to keep it clean and most of all have fun with it. The prize: Winner will get all 4 bamboo candles. The winner will be announced on Halloween October 31st. Our candle line goes on sale Nov 1, 2011. At this time we only ship to Canada and the U.S.

Good Luck! Here’s the link:

Felecia Scott

Founder /Wild Beauty


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