Why Bamboo For Candles?

No, this isn't a stock photo but a real picture of the bamboo candles I make!

The candle market is competitive. Every day a new company is being launched. I really desired to make candles and wanted to be different that what’s been flooded onto the market. I took me about 3 months of researching and a random link to Martha Stewart. It was a video of her making bamboo candles. I really enjoyed the video and scoured the internet for more information about bamboo.

I learned a few interesting facts about bamboo, it’s not a tree but a very large type of grass with a tough stem. It’s eco-friendly and considered a renewable resource because it can reach a mature height of 75 feet in two months. Bamboo is a fast growing grass and quickly reaches maturity in about four years. Its root system is continually sprouting new growth and new shoots. This continuous sprouting makes replanting after harvesting the grass unnecessary. Bamboo does this all naturally without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.



The challenge of bamboo candles is that the bottom it isn't always level (flat like glass and tin jars), so I have to play with the wick to get it centered.

I burned several candles and given a delightful surprise. The first 5 hours the wax inside was hot but the bamboo stayed warm. It took about six hours for the bamboo to actually start heating up. That’s because of the densely compact fibers of the bamboo doesn’t transfer heat very well. Meaning, the outside of the candles stays warm to the touch without burning you. Just remember the wax inside the candle is HOT! Try doing that with a tin or glass candle and you’ll burn your hands/fingers.

The 4 ounces candles burn for 24 hours and the 3 ounces burn for eighteen hours, did I mention they smell fabulous. The bamboo candles are made with 100% soy wax which burns cleaner, longer and easy to remove. Once you remove the wax with soap and water, the candle can be used to hold pens, jewelry, spare change and more. I even created a video on how to remove the wax from the bamboo.




They came out beautifully. The most common remarks I hear is that "I've never heard of bamboo candles. I didn't know you could use bamboo as a candle holder. That's awesome!

Wild Beauty’s philosophy see, feel and smell nature in our aroma-therapeutic creations. See and feel nature with the bamboo and smell nature because the candles are fragrance exclusively with essential oils. The scents are lavender vanilla, frankincense and myrrh, chamomile neroli and grapefruit bergamot.   I love the meaning of bamboo. It’s a symbolism of prosperity, balance and harmony, which everyone wants in their life.

All the reasons stated above are why bamboo makes the perfect candle holder.  To see our entire collection – http://www.shop.wildbeautyskincare.com


Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty



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