The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Generating Buzz

The Annual Holiday Fashion Networking Mixer (Notice Network) was last night. I talked about it all over Twitter, Facebook, email list and of course this blog. It was held at Naya Lounge in Silverlake. It used to be the old Tantra restaurant. The whole building was given a makeover and for the better. It has a Moraccan flare and design to it. One side is for dining and the other for partying.

Wild Beauty’s spring collection was inside the VIP gift bags. One half received the cocoa butter body lotion, soap and bamboo candle. The other half received body oil, soap and bamboo candle. I had it wrapped as a gift. Who doesn’t like opening presents?  My gift wrap created a lot of buzz, generated a few leads of people wanting to pay me to do a gift bag for their event.

Kristen Corona holding her highly prized Wild Beauty Holiday Gift Wrap!

Here’s Kristen Corona posing with her Wild Beauty gift set. She was holding onto it tightly all night. People were asking her where did she get her gift? Kristen won a gift basket containing Wild Beauty products a while back and loves her lavender vanilla bamboo candle.

Because Kristen is a fan of Wild Beauty’s bamboo candle, she did most of my marketing by word of mouth. She had her gift and people were coming up asking where did she get that. Kristen told them who I was, what I did and about my products. I had people searching for me. I wasn’t hard to find since I am the Black women with no hair.

I’m certainly creating buzz with Wild Beauty. A few weeks back, I had a booth giving away free candles and body oils. Several people had heard about Wild Beauty and I along with positive reviews from people who either received a free candle or body oil.

Read about previous blog post about Wild Beauty’s aroma-therapeutic products were center state at LA’s hottest mixer click here. That night people would come to the table choose their free body oil or candle. People were dragging and directing their friends to stop by the table. You have to smell these candles or try this body oil.

(On the Far Right) Joanna Morales from After Midnight. She’s the VP sales and marketing.

I met Joanna Morales from After Midnight. She’s the VP sales and marketing. After Midnight is a feet spray for women who wear high heels. Apply to sore feet and the spray numbs the nerves of your foot providing instant relief.  The product is patented and created by a man. You would’ve have thought a women would come up with something this amazing. After Midnight launches 2012 and Joanna advised she would let me know when the grand launch is.

The night ended on a positive note with even more buzz being created. All my recent networking has really paid off. Here in LA people are starting to talk about Wild Beauty Products. It takes a little elbow grease. Find the right events or opportunities that would benefit your products, services or whatever it is your selling.  I’m have my first radio interview tomorrow with Steven Escobar from Diversity News from at 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Pacific.

Here’s the rest of the pictures from inside Naya Restaurant.

This is the dining area of the Naya Restaurant

There are is right behind the dining table. This bar area was beautifully lift up.

The Moraccan influence is every where. I love the arches.

Happy Holiday everyone!! Have a Merry Christmas.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty


3 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Generating Buzz

  1. I am so proud of you. You have kept your head up even when it seemed you were at your darkest hour. Never let anyone take your joy and remember you have so many angels watching over you. I love and respect you.

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