The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Our First Radio Interview

Today my company Wild Beauty and I reached a huge milestone. My company is just over a year old. We just completed our very first radio interview today with Steven Escobar from Diversity News Magazine on Blog Talk Radio. For any small business publicity is a necessity. I encourage every small business to reach out to the media. We all have a story to share and they want to hear from us.

I was lucky because Steven was very encouraging. We went over the agenda for the interview. Stephen was a professional and knew I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be. When it’s the first of anything it’s normal to have butterflies. By the end of the first segment I was comfortable and able to really enjoy the interview because of his calming presence.

The radio interview will be featured on Blog Talk Radio’s home page. I want to thank everyone for listening to the broadcast. Some of the highlights of the interview:

    • Diversity News Magazine YEAR in Review: Top 11 Stories of 2011
    • The highs and lows of being a small business owner.
    • Dealing with Rejection
    • And much more.

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