Sometime’s You Have To Say No, Even To A Great Opportunity

From one of my events with The Notice Network

I was invited to have booth and Wild Beauty’s logo on the red carpet wall at an Emmy Awards pre party this Tuesday, January 10th at Naya Restaurant in Silverlake. The event is being hosted by The Notice Network. I would have the opportunity to have my picture taken on the red carpet and be interviewed by the media. I can’t deny it would be an amazing opportunity for Wild Beauty.

First, let me say they have fabulous events and mixers. You can really network your butt off. Get awesome contacts while listening to great music in amazing LA hotspots with breathtaking décor. I’ve had a booth at one of their events already with phenomenal success. (click here for blog post). Unfortunately, I had to turn down the offer.

Would you want this logo displayed on a red carpet wall? I didn’t want to share this logo design catastrophe with you but this is what he designed.

I can hear some of you saying, “You should have accepted. You’re missing a golden opportunity.” I had several reasons for turning them down. I’m in a transition phase with Wild Beauty. I’m completing the homework Suzanne. I wrote about in my previous blog post (click here). I’m unable to portray Wild Beauty confidently. I had to hire another logo designer because the one I had, there’s no other way to say it. HE SUCKED! HE SUCKED BIG TIME!  The person was recommended by a friend and supposedly a great graphic designer. He did hers and it came out beautiful. I told him I wanted my money back. I received most of my money back and gave it to the new designer. I really like his work. I’ll debut Wild Beauty’s logo soon.

his is where I'll be spending the entire day Wed Jan 11th with other small businesses.

Next, I’m getting all my materials in now. Most of the raw materials suppliers I buy my ingredients from were closed from Dec.23 – Jan. 3. I’m restocking now and if I made any body oils, I would be rushing. I’m not comfortable with that. I’d feel as if I’m deceiving people with sub par products. That’s not fair to them, me and Wild Beauty.  I want to present a positive image. A bad review travels faster than a positive one. Any event you decide to attend make sure it can show you and your company in a positive light. From the reasons above, you can see I’m not. I had to turn down this offer. I’m a little dejected but I know that another phenomenal chance is coming my way.

Also this Wednesday, I will be in Long Beach at the convention center for the Growth Conference hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine. They’re offering businesses a chance to pitch small businesses to appear in their magazine. I’m going to pitch Wild Beauty and “The Pop Up Store Chronicles Blog”.  Very excited about this chance so wish me luck J

I’ll blog all about it. Take lots of pictures and maybe a video recording of one of the seminars.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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