The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Who Are You and Why Should People Care

This is the oil Jeffrey bought that led to my phone call from Doti at the Chakra Center.

Last month I met with Suzanne Stoeckle, a small business consultant. She gave me some homework that I needed to do. Because not only was I pricing my business to fail (read blog) but I hadn’t expressed what Wild Beauty’s mission was. She said, “That’s nice that you’re a natural skin care company but what else. There are hundreds of thousands of natural skin care companies like you. What’s makes your company different from them? How can your products benefit people? Do they solve a problem or improve lives?  In other words what does Wild Beauty bring to the table that people should give a damn, want to support and buy from you?”

I love Suzanne’s honesty and straight talk. She was right again. I looked at my company with fresh eyes and understood what she was trying to say. Within these last 5 days, I figured it out. I have two people to thank, Doni,  the owner of The Chakra Center in Florida and my friend Amanda (My friend is a private person so I changed her name for the sake of the blog).

The Chakra Center is in Sun City Center, Florida near Tampa.

I received a call last Wednesday from Doti. She told me one of their healers Jeffrey, who is bi coastal lives in LA and Florida, bought the Black Tea-sing Rose Bud body oil. He uses it in his work. Clients, customers and other light workers at the shop love the oil. She wanted to know if I had any other oils and would I send her a few samples to see which ones they liked. Once she decided, they would place a bulk order. The thought of using my body oils for holistic healing had never occurred to me.

This is the actual jar of pink rose buds and black tea infusing oil. I use real pink rose buds.

A year ago I reconnected with my with my friend Amanda (name changed at her request). We talked for an hour on the phone. Amanda has cancer and the side effects from the chemo on her body in particular her skin has been severe. Her feet are very sensitive, severely cracked and dry. She tried everything and nothing worked except my foot creams and balms that I used to sell but don’t anymore. Amanda asked if I could make some for her.  A few days back, a mutual friend of ours gave me her address. Last Thursday, I sent her some body oils and a cocoa butter lotion. She’ll be getting them on Tues.

Amanda also asked me if I could make something along the line of Icy Hot but doesn’t get as unbearably hot. Also smells better than Icy Hot and Bengay while relieving pain and all natural.

I told Amanda of course I would make her some goodies and I made her a few foot balms and creams for her. I added a few extra to give to the chemo patients who are suffering just like here. After speaking with Doti and Amanda, I’ve been very narrow minded in my thinking. What I do can be so much more than just a natural skin care or a bath and body company.

Golden Needle Tea Leaves

Introducing Wild Beauty Aroma-therapeutic Creations, bath and body just seemed to be overused words to me now.  Who are Felecia Scott and her company Wild Beauty? We believe nature isn’t complicated. It just is. To make what you put on your skin and scent your home shouldn’t be a complex formula needing a chemist and a lab. Our philosophy, keep it simple.

Wild Beauty’s aroma-therapeutic creations designed from century old African American Chickasaw Indian family recipes. We use organic flowers, tea leaves, herbs along with essential oil to fragrance our collection. We take it upon ourselves to disclose every ingredient use in our aroma-therapeutic creations. Our products are free from synthetic fragrances, colors and additives.

No Lab. No Chemist. No Complex Formula, just family recipes.

Although I can’t cure cancer or make everyone’s problems go away and I wish I could. I can with my body oils, candles or whatever else I make and show my customers that I care. Everything I make is with love to be therapeutic, healing and offer comfort to one’s life. This is who I am and want Wild Beauty is about.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


4 thoughts on “The Pop Up Store Chronicles – Who Are You and Why Should People Care

  1. Good for you, in getting an outside viewpoint. As you are learning, look for the _sub_ niches that no one is filling. Talk to places like Cancer Treatment Centers of America about what creams, lotions, etc. that their patients need, or can use. Probably, you will end up licensing formulae to them for resale. Do the same for the holistic healing groups. Obviously, the needs are not being filled, so why shouldn’t you do it?
    Your open, honest approach, is perfect for such markets. People need, and want to feel that they are not cogs in a marketing machine. Dave of Wendy’s, was the face of a large business, and made it seem like a small one. Perhaps you can do the same for your business.

    • Hi Walter:
      Thank you for the suggestions. You know I hadn’t even thought about talking with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. You are absolutely right about their patients needs aren’t being met. I will start researching that and holistic groups too. Have a great day and many blessings for opening your heart and giving this small business owner great advice.

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