From Sidewalk Vendor to Abe’s Market

This is the candle I'm selling in Abe's Market.

It wasn’t that long ago, since no one was coming to my online store to purchase my body oils made from century old African American Chickasaw Indian recipes, I took my store to the street.  I had no car and would be using public transportation; I had to make sure the store was portable. I used a luggage case, mini folding table and wrapped it the bungee cord.  I created a portable, floating pop up store.  I traveled to the trendiest and busiest street corners in LA and set up Wild Beauty Aroma-therapeutic Creations.  On January 12th, I received an email from Abe’s Market that my bamboo candles were approved to be sold on their website.

I had tried to get into Abe’s Market back in August 2011. I sent my body oils to them and they were rejected because of the caps would leak. Actually what happened when my package arrived to Abe’s Market, was the body oils leaked during shipping. The package, brochure and the body oils were covered with oil. They told me when I have the leakage problem solved to resubmit.  Of course, I was bummed but I solved the leakage problem by changing it from caps to spray bottles. This week I resubmitted them to Abe’s Market. This time they will pass.

What you see is real pink rose buds infusing in black tea leaves, I use to make Wild Beauty's Black Tea-sing Rose Bud Body Oil. My next goal is to get these body oils into green/eco-friendly spa and salons.

I’ve reached another Milestone. When I went into business, I had a wish list of places, I would love to see Wild Beauty’s products in and Abe’s Market was one of them.  I have a couple of friends who sell on them and doing pretty well. I’ll admit, I envied them wondering if it would be me one day and January 12th was my day. Before I opened my store, I spent a few days checking out some of the stores, to get a feel.   Yesterday, Jan 19, 2012, Wild Beauty Aroma-therapeutic Creations officially opened.

I believe you should celebrate your accomplishments, so I went and bought a chocolate chip ice cream cone.  It was delicious. I’m not done yet, I’m just getting started. This experience has shown me if you put your mind to it, believe in you and your product/service, doors will open and you will achieve your goal. I’m proof, from street vendor to Abe’s market.

Who am I going after next? Well I bamboo candles would be great in the green/eco-friendly spas and salons. Also my body oils too. So next I’m going to research eco-friendly/green spas and salons and see if they’d like to try a sample of Wild Beauty’s body oils. If they like, which I believe they will, would start using them in their services.

If you’ve been following this blog isn’t hasn’t been a smooth journey. I’ve experienced the ultimate rejection, dealt with people who aren’t ethical in business, my computer died and I lost everything, days everything that could go wrong did go wrong and more. I really love this quote. I’ll be placing it on my vision board. With every step I’m my vision for my life and company visualize.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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