I may not be USDA certified organic but I am Mother Nature certified organic.

I caught the 180 bus at Vermont/Prospect Ave in Hollywood. It normally takes about 1-1/2 hrs to get Altadena. It's the very last stop on the bus route.

For those of you who didn’t know, I love hiking. I enjoy taking a break from being indoors and being glued to my computer. I was getting ready to make Wild Beauty’s Kickin It body oil which has sage and mint leaves and I realized I’m running low on white sage. I remembered my friend Keith said white sage grows in the mountains not far from where he lives. So I called Keith and asked if he wanted to go hiking for fresh sage. He said yes.

Yesterday Keith and I went hiking in Altadena. Since I don’t have a car I have to take the bus. I caught he 180 bus line to Altadena, while on the bus, there was a slight delay. An older man with some extreme emotional and psychological problems was causing a disturbance. He was verbally harassing the bus driver and sticking his feet out in the isle, causing people to trip over his feet, me included. So the bus driver pulled the bus over and called the LA County sheriff on him. Of course people on the bus were complaining. I’m going to be late for work, church and so on. They told the bus driver it wasn’t a big deal. So what if the man is harassing you. Just ignore him.  I sympathize with the bus driver on this one. No one wants have someone constantly in their ear nagging, taunting and harassing them while their driving.

On the way we, this cute squirrel was running up the tree. He stopped directly above us and started eating his orange. It was too cute.

Here's my good friend  and hiking partner Keith. We just cut some Eucalyptus leaves and branches off the tree.

Here's my good friend and hiking partner Keith. We just cut some Eucalyptus leaves and branches off the tree.

After about 15-20 min, the sheriff and took the man off the bus. Because the bus was late, I was able to meet up with my hiking partner Keith. He was coming from a friend’s house in Hollywood. We rode the bus all the way to the very last stop. The bus stop is a 5 minute walk from Keith’s house. I gave him his new bamboo test candle to try out.  After Keith changed, we headed out for our hike up the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena.

On the way up the steady incline, which was a great workout, Keith showed me two kinds of Eucalyptus leaves, which I need for my new infused body oil for aches and pains. The tree was located right outside the park. The eucalyptus smelled divine. The trees were growing in abundance everywhere. I had no idea that during this trip I would see half the ingredients, I use to make Wild Beauty’s infused body oils. We walked further up the trail and found a ton of fresh rosemary, lavender flowers and of course more eucalyptus trees.

The next several pictures are from inside the park:

Here' s our hiking spot, The Cobb Estate in Altadena.

This is just past the fence. This broken pavement road leads to the hiking trails.

A view from inside the park.

Nature was all around us this day. As we were walking up the trail, I noticed dirt come flying out this hole. It was a mouse digging a burrow. It was so cute. I snapped a picture of him sticking his head out.

We were halfway up mountain canyon when a women came walking down. Keith had just grabbed some water, and asked if she’d had seen any white sage. She said no. It looks like it’s been picked dry here because she hasn’t seen any in months. We may have to go to another mountain to get some. Just as she was saying that, there was a path on our left. I had a feeling we needed to go in that direction (off the beaten path). So we went and just as we rounded the corner and looked up what do we see fresh sage. We would have to climb up a steep incline to get it.

Keith climbing up the steep incline to get our fresh, white sage. Trust it may not look like it high up there but it was. The ground was soft, we kept loosing our footing. There was no part of our body that wasn't covered in dirt.

Keith and I grabbed our bags and got dirty and loved every minute of it. The closer we came the more you could smell the, fragrant and potent fresh sage permeate the area. I kid you not if truly felt as if Keith and I were being cleansed of any negative and toxic energy. There was no part of us that was untouched by the sage.

In this picture I'm above Keith gathering white sage.

This is a better view of how high we were up picking sage.

Keith (left) Felecia (Right) Two friends hanging out and having a great time in nature.

I can’t explain it but Keith and I both felt as if we had done this before in another life. For a moment, I had my own herb/flower garden. My dream which I’m working very hard to make come true is to be able to harvest all the ingredients for Wild Beauty’s infused body oils.  I already have a lavender plant! I’m going to start a rosemary bush plant. Writing this blog, I’ve come to realize that some of the ingredients, I don’t have to purchase anymore. I can hike to the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena to get them. See the list

  1. Sage
  2. 2 kinds of Eucalyptus
  3. Rosemary
  4. Lavender

We’ll be going hiking again probably early-mid April. I’ll take pictures and write about our next outdoor adventure. Although, the herbs I picked today aren’t USDA certified organic, they are Mother Nature certified organic.  Going to the mountains and picking what I needed, it doesn’t get any more earthy, natural and organic than that.

Today, I will be hanging the sage and Eucalyptus out to dry.  I have the complete collection of photos ready on Wild Beauty’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.328207380557306.83433.126813937363319&type=1

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty Aroma-therapeutic Creations


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