Every Entrepreneur Should Be Hands On

This past week, I’ve been a hands on entrepreneur.  This past Sunday, I went hiking in Altadena, to read about that adventure click here. I picked herbs and flowers for my Wild Beauty‘s infused body oils. Well last Thursday, January 26th, I received my order of bamboo poles. Back in December, I met with Susan and she gave me homework, which was to make bigger bamboo candles.

It was a lot of work but really worth it. I’m learning so much from doing it myself. I urge who has someone else making their product, if you can ask if you can be involved in making the process. Just to get a feel of how it’s made. So when people ask you really detailed questions you have a better knowledge. No one should know your product better than you and if they do, then that’s a problem.

The candle turned out great. They will be ready tomorrow and of course I documented the whole experience. Here’s what the old bamboo candles looked like:

This is the top view. as you can tell it was small holding between 3-4 ounces.


Here's the side view of the old candles.


Standing next to my bamboo pole that has to be cut. It's 5ft high. I ordered 8 of them.

Prepping the candles to be cut outside.

I went on Facebook and asked anyone if they knew where I could get my bamboo poles cut. I was told by my FB friends Lowe's and Home Depot. I went outside a few minutes later and there was my building's maintenance guy Eric. I asked if he knew anyone closer to where I lived who could cut wood. He said, "Me!" Eric really helped me out and in the future he said he would be more than happy to cut my bamboo poles for me.


Here's the first cut. As you can see it's significantly bigger than the original candle I sold.


Waiting to be buffed by me. You can see I have several larger ones. They will be used as specialty candles, such a descending candle size set. The rest of the candles are between 5-6 inches tall and 4 inches diameter. With bamboo the candle shapes aren't consistent. Some are oval shaped others are circular.


That's me holding the sander and yes, I'm buffing away. I was buffing the candles outside but my neighbors started complaining, so I had to move indoors. Luckily I only had 3 candles left so it was no big deal.


Here's the view from the top. As you can see it's wider.



The new candle. We are going out today and taking new pictures. I will have them uploaded tonight and the candles will be ready for purchase tomorrow - http://wildbeautycreations.com

 The candles won’t have any packaging but the bamboo is the package. It will be packed carefully so it will arrive in pristine condition. The bamboo is so beautiful that I don’t want to hide with unnecessary packaging.  The candles smaller candles are 5 1/2 inches and holds 7 oz of wax price $21.00. The slightly larger candles 6 1/2 inches holders 8.5 ounces of wax $24.00  Candle sets will be $30.00. A lot of work went into carry, cutting and shaving. Those poles were heavy and I carried them myself. I was covered in dust and enjoyed every moment of it.

Candles go on sale tomorrow 02/02/2012.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty





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