I’ve Finally Completed My Business Homework Makeover

It took almost two months but I’ve completed all my assignments that Suzanne Stoeckler of Saffron Marketing gave me. I wrote about in the blog post “Are you pricing your business to fail?” Which I was. . I did it. The response has been pheonominal. I have a clear mission and motto which Wild Beauty’s customers have really connected and related too. Wild Beauty – No lab. No chemist. No complex formula, just family recipes.

So here’s the new and improve Wild Beauty made it’s debut today. First I changed my web address to http://wildbeautycreations.com. I still have the online store since its ranks high on all the search engines. I just included in the main web address.  So when people go to the new website, they click “Online Store” and viola they are there.

If you haven’t noticed “The Pop Up Store Chronicles” has it’s own domain now. Also this isn’t part of my assignment but a heads up. I’ve written a book based upon my adventures as a floating pop up store and my first year in business. The rough draft is done.

Here’s a little about what I do and the products I make. The final product photos with new logo.

2 FL OZ $30.00 was $25.00 Wild Beauty's Black Tea-sing Rose Body Oil. Golden Needle (black) tea leaves and organic pink rose buds steep in grape seed and sesame oils. Their fragrant and therapeutic benefits permeate throughout the oil. Rose, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils create a floral fragrance while the black tea leaves impart a hint of tartness. Black Tea-sing Rose Bud body oil is a hydrating, nourishing tonic for your skin.

2 FL OZ $22.50 was $15.00 Cham Luvs Neroli Body Oil. Organic chamomile flowers loving steep in golden jojoba and grape seed oils. The marriage of flowery chamomile with exotic sweet neroli essential oils is sensually elegant and intoxicating. It’s been rumored this body oil has started many a romantic evening. Cham luvs Neroli body oil helps rejuvenate, replenish and enrich dry, neglected skin creating healthy, glowing skin.

2 FL OZ $21.00 was $15.00 Kickin It Body Oil. Organic peppermint and hand pick white sage leaves kick it for two months steeping in grape seed and golden jojoba oils. A sage and mint infused oil moisturizes while brightening dull, dry skin. Basil, sage and mint essential oil creates a unisex blend. Fresh and herbal with a hint of mint undertone will make you say ahhhh!

2 FL OZ $24.00 was $17.50 Stress A Wee Bit Less Body Oil. Madagascar vanilla beans and lavender flower heads steep in extra virgin olive oil. A lavender and vanilla bean infused oil helps even out and soothe stressed out skin. Calming lavender along with comforting vanilla essential oils combine for a relaxing and tranquil fragrance. Stress A Wee Bit Less body oil is the hypo-allergenic way to moisturize skin.


If you remember, I needed to make bigger candles order them in bulk to bring down my cost of materials. Which I have. The old candles were 2 1/2 inches.  In my previous blog post click here, you see how I made the candles and how long the bamboo pole was that I made the new, improved Wild Beauty candle. Here’s the final product pictures and yes, everyday I’m thanking Suzanne.


5 ½ inch Stress A Wee Bit Less Bamboo Candle – Price $26.00 – Stress is an everyday part of our lives. Relaxing lavender and comforting vanilla essential oils come together to bring down your stress levels notch by notch, helping you to chill out. Candle burns 39 hours.

4 ½ inch Citroliscious Bamboo Candle $23: Our 100% soy bamboo candles are elegant and add warmth to your home, apartment and event. When your energy is depleted, let grapefruit and bergamot essential oils perk you right up. Tangy and deliciously citrusy describe this candle. Candle burns 37 hours.

5 ½ inc Golden Qui Bamboo Candle Price $26.00 - Golden Qi (pronounced Chee) also known as our vital energy. Dealing with our daily life our energy is pulled in many directions. Woodsy frankincense and mystic myrrh essential oils create a soft, earthy and intoxicating scent. Candle burns 39 hours.

4 ½ inch Cham Luvs Neroli Bamboo Candle – Price $23.00 –  The perfect pairing, soothing chamomile and sensual, uplifting neroli essential oils combine for a floral, with a hint of sweet for an exotic scent. Perfect when you need a quiet, calming moment for our hectic everyday life. Candle burns 37 hours.

Businesses especially small business, should be upfront and honest about what’s going on with your company especially price increases. Look what happened to Netflix and I was a staunch supporter of the company. To me and this my opinion, I felt as if they didn’t care. We’re raising prices. You don’t like, too bad. That’s why they are in they lost customers, they lost face value and it hit them where they hurt in their pocket.

Here’s the new website that has been completely renovated – http://wildbeautycreations.com. I’m looking forward to reading your opinions about the make over of Wild Beauty. I also increased the prices and informed my customers why a price increase was necessary. They understood why I had to and it made the transitions a lot easier for them and me.


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