Are You Pigeonholing Your Business?

At The Wedding Salon Cocktail party!

As you know we recently expanded into making bamboo candles. My focus had been trying to get them into salons, spas and resorts. Recently a friend suggested Wild Beauty’s bamboo candles would be great as centerpieces at weddings, especially outdoors beach weddings. Our smaller candles make perfect wedding favors for guests to take home.

It never occurred to me to expand into the wedding industry and target that market. I had to admit it was a great idea. My only problem was I didn’t know where to start.

An email not too long ago solved my problem. It was a private invitation for a wedding industry mixer event. Last night I attended The Wedding Salon cocktail party mixer at Olive + Fig restaurant in West Hollywood. It was an unbelievable night of networking at this private invite event. I brought a sample of Wild Beauty’s large and small candles. It really made all the difference because many had never seen or new bamboo candles existed. Can you say I made the most of this “Golden Opportunity”? You better believe it.

We have the outdoor patio at Fig and Olive located at 8590 Melrose Place, West Hollywood. Website

We were lead upstairs to check in. Here's a view of the dining area from my seat where I sat next to 3 other women.

(Left) Lynn from the Lutheran Church in Ranchos Pales Verdes. The have weddings that are take place next to the ocean on a cliff but it safe. (Right) Clara Campbell owner of Clara’s Interior Decorating and Floral Design –

I brought both bamboo candles. At an event like this, letting people actually see what I do would make a greater impression and it did. I was showing the large bamboo candle to a wedding consultant when a woman stopped in front of us and said, “Oh, that’s a beautiful candle. Can I see?”

I said, “Yes, you can.”

She replied, “Thank you. It’s lovely. Is this a sample?” and before I could answer, she put it in her purse. I’m looking at her like…no, you didn’t. I know you did not just take my candle and put it in your purse. I had to catch myself. She was on the verge of getting her feelings hurt.

Instead I smiled. This was about networking and business. No need to ruin a potential client by blowing a situation out of proportion. (A Golden Opportunity In The Making). I  extended my hand out, “No, this candle is not a sample. It’s for show.” The woman reluctantly gave me my candle back. We exchanged information. She had a client who was having a beach wedding this summer and knew these candles would be perfect for her event. We set up an appointment for next week.

I’m also sending sample of both sizes of Wild Beauty’s bamboo candles to the Meetings and Special Events Manager of the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray.

There was a man by the name of Steven Adler. I had seen him some other events. Steven really liked the large bamboo candle. He informed me to call him tomorrow. He knows someone at BET (who handles the events) and believes my candles would be great.

I met Madelina from Duke’s Malibu located in Malibu. She loved the small bamboo candles and said the candle fits the theme of Dukes. They do a lot of outdoor weddings and a lot of brides would love these. So I’m sending her a pdf brochure and a link to Wild Beaut’s website.  A little info about Duke’s Malibu, (per the website located on the ocean near Malibu Point, Duke’s is a restaurant and bar dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing and Hawaii’s ambassador of Aloha.

Snapshots of the night:

Some of our appetizers. This was bruschetta with fig and something else. It may not look good to you but it was scrumptious.

I forgot what this was but it looked so pretty, I didn’t want to eat it but I quickly got over that too. In the glass was champagne with strawberries. I felt like a VIP.

Jill from Save The Veil. When the wind blows…your veil won’t. She makes veil weights. Here’s what her website says. ”Don't let the wind spoil your special day...use. Save the Veil to keep your veil in place while taking photos and during your ceremony whenever windy or breezy conditions are present.”

Here are a picture the of veil weights with Clara. Veil Weights are magnetic and easily slip on and off your veil, they are not permanent. It’s for the bride who has the ridiculously long veil. Website –

Karyn, Denise’s assistant and (Right) Denise Latta from Jewelry By Designs. She designs her own jewelry, purses and is a makeup artist. Both purses and necklaces are Denise’s own design. Her email / (T) 714 919-6533.

We have Lea from SBD Events ( They create beautiful fantasy table skirts. I had a great time chatting with her and her husband. He’s hilarious and passing out his Personal Touch Home Improvement cards ( He does the chores around the house your husband has been procrastinating to do. Also the jobs he’s done and messed up. You turn on the kitchen light and the dishwasher comes on. I couldn’t help but to laugh.

The night was a great one but more importantly this blog post is about pigeonholing yourself. You may have gone into business with one idea or concept in mind but if someone recommends another industry or field you weren’t considering don’t shut the idea down completely.

As with the woman who tried to take home my show candle. That situation could have gone another way but I chose not to. In those uncomfortable situations believe it or not you might and can create a opportunity”Golden Opportunity”.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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