Never Underestimate The Power Of Networking

On Facebook this past Tuesday, my friend and social media counselor Matt Mora of Mora Media Management sent a request. Here’s the actual Facebook post.

FREE BREAKFAST ANYONE? I’m looking for 4 people who can come by to Kate Mantilini Restaurant in Beverly Hills and enjoy a delicious, world class breakfast on our dime! We are doing a video shoot and we would shoot a few minutes of you enjoying your meal. You may or may not be asked to say something. When? This Thursday at 9am in Beverly Hills. Let me know if you’re interested. Perhaps we can have some mimosas afterwards. #Mora Media Management.

I was the 4th person. Yesterday, Feb. 23rd I was the first person to arrive. The hostess was friendly and greeted with a bright smile. On the walls are large portraits of Hollywood celebrities. The restaurant is very popular with the lunch and dinner crowd. I don’t think many people are aware the business is open for breakfast. I love the laid back chic and trendy vibe going on.  It reminds me of a hidden enclave in a big city. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 CEO having a power breakfast meeting or dinner for two, Kate Mantilini is the place you want to go.

I had a delicious free breakfast.  Pictures and video were taken of me, Matt Mora, Dago Zuniga of Difference Financial and Insurance Service and Miguel Duarte of Miguel Duarte Law.  I wasn’t able to take as a many pictures as I wanted because I was stuffing my face with delicious food.

The great think I love about networking are the people you get to meet and in the future you know you’re going to need their services. Dago helps small business also set up benefits for employees which I will need in the near future. Wild Beauty will have employees. I am a growing business. I’m looking forward to the responsibility of being able to provide jobs to people. My dream is for Wild Beauty to be a family company. Employees first, you can have a great, successful company and still do right by your employees.

Miguel not only handles criminal cases (I’m not trying to break any laws but you never know). On a serious tip, he does civil and business. I’m not happy with my present attorney, so I will be reaching out to Miguel.

Enjoy the pictures of Kate Mantilini. I’ll let your know when the video that I did is ready and will post on both and You Tube. Oh, that’s right. The Pop Up Store Chronicles is now on You Tube. I’m still feeling my way around. I’m working on making the videos shorter but still informative especially for the first time business and start up entrepreneur.  –

This was our table.


A few people enjoying their breakfast.

Matt on the right and the director of our video on the left.

Felecia Scott

founder/Wild Beauty





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