Yes, I’ve Been Neglectful

I’m sorry I’ve been neglectful in keeping up with the blog. I’m still in business and adjusting to working full time has been challenging. Read previous blog post about taking on a second job click here. As you know I’ve taken on a job as a dishwasher for a local restaurant. It’s a very physical job and my body aches everywhere. I’m getting in the best shape of my life.  I’ve been working as a dishwasher for almost three weeks, my arms are getting toned. My waist is smaller and I can actually see the muscles forming in my legs that have been hidden since my days in the US Army.

It’s an adjustment from being my own boss to having a boss. I’ll admit it’s been tough to bite my tongue when I really want to question some decisions but other than that, I’m really like the job and people I work with. I was pleasantly surprised by the many entrepreneurial minds that I work with. I get to brainstorm every day.

At the end of my shift, all these areas are aching. I've been using my new oil with fabulous results. I wake up in the morning and my back feels so much better. My feet aren't sore.

On the flipside, I’ve finally been able to finish a recipe I’ve been working on. A few bog posts back I talked about making an aroma-therapeutic oil for people who suffer from aches and pains such as arthritis. I’ve tossed about 2 dozen recipes over the last several months. I found a formula I liked and worked well for some of my own aches and pains. Washing and carry dishes and being on my feet for 8 -10 hours a day. My puppies (feet) are whimpering in pain by the end of the night. You know I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

I’ve been using my new aroma-therapeutic oil on myself now for just about 3 weeks and it’s really helped. It works similar to Icy Hot but without the chemicals and strong smell. I went on Facebook and asked for volunteers to test my new sample. The response was amazing. I have in total about 30 people trying my new oil called “Oh My Aching. I’m looking to launch “Oh My Aching”May 2012.

Now that I have an idea of what my schedule is. I work the swing shift 4-12 and 5-1am. I’ll be posting more regularly on the blog and the reviews from Oh My Aching”.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty


One thought on “Yes, I’ve Been Neglectful

  1. Well,well,well,yes you have,however if all your friends feel like me we still love you.
    Your best friend!!!!

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