I Became My Own Guinea Pig

As I was about to write a blog post this past Friday, something came up and I scrapped it. Alright so this past Thursday night I went to work and injured my leg. I have a big bruise on the side of my leg just below the knee all the way up to just above my knee where my lower thigh meets.  I was scared that I had hurt my knee cap because of how I fell. I filled out a worker’s compensation at work to let them know of my injury. Come to find out my knee cap is fine. I only have a  bruised knee.

My leg was throbbing by the time I came home and swollen. It was killing me. I immediately took a hot shower then applied Andiroba oil and Wild Beauty’s new test oil “Oh My Aching….” I became my own guinea pig. As soon as I applied the Andiroba oil, I could feel my skin and muscles in my leg pulsating and tingling but in good way. Next I applied a generous amount of “Oh My Aching”. I could feel the area warming up and began getting relief from the pain. Then I elevated my leg.

After several hours of propping my leg and getting sleep, when I woke up the swelling had gone down considerably and that’s when I’d seen the huge bruise. See picture. I was relieved. I bet your wondering what in the world is Andiroba oil and why did you use it on your leg. Andiroba oil comes from the Amazon. It’s a thick liquid that smells like berries to me. This amazing oil has anti-inflammatory properties and use to be used to promote circulation of blood in the skin and helps to relieve pain and swelling during an injury (like mine 😉 By the way, this is going to be a staple in my medicine cabinet.  A friend told me Andiroba oil also speeds up the healing time for bruises. Yes!!!

Over the weekend I’ve used ice packs (frozen peaks works fantastically) and massage my bruise with Andiroba oil. After that I will heal the bruise with the Oh My Aching oil. Also I use Andiroba oil in Wild Beauty’s Oh My Aching Oil. Before you start running out to buy Andiroba oil, know that it isn’t cheap.

3.3 oz. sample $8.57

16 oz. $34.28

33.3 oz. $54.85

Also you can’t use it on your face. Only from the neck down, if you get in in your eye it stings like a motha. You have to wash your eye out for 15 minutes. Here are the pictures of my injury. I know it looks bad because it’s a bruise but it  is healing.

So what you do think of the Oh My Aching Aromatherapy and Andiroba oil combo. I think my bruise is healing nicely. I can walk without my noticable limp. I don’t need my new brace support anymore. The pain has subsided a lot. It’s still sore but doesn’t hurt like the dickens anymore.

Here's my left leg Thursday night very swollen. You can see the bruise just starting to form.

Here's my bruise Friday morning (March 30, 20112 when I woke up. As you can see the swelling in my leg has gone down. The bruise can now be clearly seen. I've starting using Wild Beauty's Oh My Aching Aromatherapy and Andiroba oil combination.

By Sunday April 1st.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty


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