Chicken Soup For The Soul

This past Sunday, I was at Barnes and Noble looking for an inspirational book. It seems my enthusiasm has been fading recently. I haven’t been very active on social media.  If you’ve gone to Wild Beauty’s website you’ll notice it’s down and won’t be back up until the end of them month. I over extended myself with top of the line features on my webpage that I didn’t need which gobbled up all my money. So I shut it down and now starting over with more economical website which is within my budget. I’ve been pretty bummed out about all these little setbacks.

Yesterday at work, my co-worker Michael gave me a book called Chicken Soup For The Soul Unlocking the Secrets to living Your Dreams as a gift because I gave him a sample of Oh My Aching Oil. He’s an avid hiker.  Michael and his wife really enjoyed the aromatherapy oil. They both like that its natural, does not smell like Bengay or Icy Hot and it works.

Michael said one of his friends asked if he rode went hiking this weekend. He said, “Yes, why?”

His friend replied, “Because you don’t smell like Icy Hot.”

Michael and I talk a few minutes every day before I clock in and he clocks out. He told me, “You know Felecia you have something really special with that oil. I see the passion in what eyes when you talk about your business. I want to see you be successful and when I saw this book something told me I had to get it for you.”

I’m in awe at such a simple act of kindness gave me the boost I needed and inspired again. But I’m such a wuss. I could feel the tears in my eyes when he spoke those words to me while handing me this book. I was very touched.

I’m really loving this book. It’s showing me how to visualize my thoughts for the life and business that I truly desire. Helping me get better organized while learning to structure my day to day life which has been turned upside down since I started working. I just finished reading the first chapter and will let you know how it goes.

Good news is that I have a starter page which was free with my domain purchase. It’s a one page with information on how people can contact while I’m redoing the website. Will also serve as a bulletin board to let everyone know what’s going on and when the website is up.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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