Getting My Entrepreneurial Groove Back

This is exactly how I feel right now!

And I’m loving it! It began with the Chicken Soup For the Soul book I received, which led me to realize that being a dishwasher has been an unexpected blessing in getting my entrepreneurial groove back. I’m in the testing phase of my new aromatherapy oil “Oh My Aching”. Where I work at is a mecca for people who have aches and pains. The waitress do hella lot of walking, carrying those heavy trays of food. I give them a whole new level of respect. The bus boys who clean the tables, the bus bins that they puts the glasses, silverware and plates gets ridiculously heavy. The cocktail waitresses in their high ass heels (we’re talking 4 inches and higher) standing for hours during their shift. Looking at those heels make my feet hurt. I’m in pain for them.

You can see where I’m getting at. I stumbled onto one of my target markets. I gave a few samples to my co-workers and word spread. But I’m not just relying on word of mouth. I’m opening my own and asking people if they would like to try a sample of Wild Beauty‘s “Oh My Aching” and tell me what they think.

Back pain seems to be the number 1 complaint I've been getting from a lot of people.

I asked one of the bus boys I talk to all the time if he’d like to try a sample. He said he’s been hearing about me and my oil but was afraid to ask. One of his friends who is also a bus boy has back problems and thought my oil would be good for him. He brought him to me and I gave him a sample. He told me he would try it out and tell me what he thinks.

I have about a dozen samples left. I’ve given out about two hundred so far. Even though I’ve had a few rejections from people who aren’t interested, that’s okay. Because not everyone is going to be into what you’re doing. Rejection is part of business. For every no there is someone out there that will say yes.

I give out samples of “Oh My Aching” to people on the Metro bus, train, in the bank and whenever I can. With my other aromatherapy oils I didn’t do that. I’ve become more bold and daring and I have to say, I like this Felecia. I even have a Beverly Hills chiropractor trying out “Oh My Aching” on his clients.

Where do I go from here? Now I’m approaching holistic healers, physical therapists, personal trainers and of course more chiropractors and also Sprouts Market which is a small niche chain of healthy, natural organic grocery. We’re sending them a sample of Wild Beauty’s candles and “Oh My Aching Oil” tomorrow.

I definitely have my entrepreneurial groove back.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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