Being My Own Guinea Pig Experiment – Part II Healing My Very Own Oh My Aching…

Two weeks ago (Thursday, March 29th) I hurt my leg at work.  Read previous blog post (click here).  What happened? As I was taking out the trash into our service elevator, the metal plate that covers the space in between the elevator and the floor was missing. I didn’t know or see because I was too busy moving bags of trash. My leg slipped into that space and my leg (all the way up to just above my knee) became stuck in the elevator shaft.

Anyone one else would have really damaged their knee but not me. My knee and knee cap are perfectly fine. I only received a big fat bruise on the side of my knee. So no drugs for me only 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I was told to elevator my leg. The first four days of my bruise to apply an ice pack and then on the fifth day apply a hot towel to increase blood flow and it also speeds healing. I also have been using a combination of andiroba oil and Wild Beauty’s newest oil Oh My Aching aromatherapy oil to increase the time of my recovery. All I can say is HOLY MOLY IT WORKED!!

I took pictures so you can see the progression. It was a very serious and ugly large bruise that started on the edge of my left knee all the way to the back of my knee.

Day 1 of my injury March 29th when I came home from work. Here's my knee and leg. You can see it's swollen and the bruise starting to form.

Day 2 the following morning March 30th, when I woke up and I could fully see the bruise had formed.

Day 7 - April 5, 2012 - The swelling in my leg is finally going down. The bruise has lightened considerably. It still hurts but the pain is bearable. I can finally see some healing and my morning and night routine of apply andiroba and Oh My aching oil starting to work.

Day 9 April 7, 2012 - It feels good to to be able to walk again without a noticeable limp. The bruising is fading more and more every day.

Day 13 April 11, 2012.After a morning and night routine of first apply Andiroba oil and then oh my aching along with ice packs and hot towels I can say my knee is healing remarkably well. Everyone is surprised. I had to prop my leg on the oven door so I could get enough light to take the picture. 

Day 14 April 12, 2012 - Healing very nicely. I'm now working with very minor stiffness. I can now bend me knee about 80% of its full motion. The bruise has healed considerably. I'm really happy with the results. The andiroba and Wild Beauty's Oh My Aching really played a key role in my knee healing.

What do you think? I’m placing a poll to vote what you think about my homeopathic treatment?

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


4 thoughts on “Being My Own Guinea Pig Experiment – Part II Healing My Very Own Oh My Aching…

    • Hi Lisa, it was. I was terrified that I damaged my knee, especially my kneecap. I was very lucky because it could have been worse. I’m really blessed. I’m still two weeks into the experiment and the oils have helped a great deal in my recovery. Now for the next several weeks I will be using Oh My Aching oil only to document just how effective it is.

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