I’m Having A Moment….

Yes, this was me less than twenty four hours ago having a moment.

That’s right. I scheduled the day to open Wild Beauty’s new online store for this Friday, May 11th but that’s not going to happen. So for the third time, I’m pushing back the opening back to June 1st which is the day when Oh My Aching oil makes its grand debut. Here’s why I’m having a moment.

The bottles that I use for my body oils ran out. I only received a partial order. The rest are on back order and won’t be in until May 11th.  Then there’s my personal life and was told by my fiancé, Walter that I act like I don’t want to talk to him. Because every time he calls, I’m sleeping or busy with Wild Beauty or on my way to work as a dishwasher. To put the icing on the cake, I make my own labels for my aromatherapy and body oils. I didn’t pay close enough attention and when my order arrived yesterday, I realized I purchased a ton of the wrong kind.

This was me really having a moment. Embracing it fully.

With the combination of everything that’s been going on over this past week, I felt overwhelmed and completely gave into my moment. I couldn’t help it. I sat down on the floor holding my labels and started crying like a two year old toddler having a temper tantrum. I said to myself why is the universe or powers that be giving me a hard time about getting this website open? Why are all these challenges and obstacles being tossed my way? How in the world am I going to appease my fiancé and let him know that he is important and that I’m not purposely neglecting him?

After having a good cry, I felt amazingly better and realization came to me. This is the life of a small business owner, juggling work, family and your sanity. It’s truly a balancing act. I apologized to Walter for making him think that I didn’t want to talk to him, making him feel neglected and asked him to be patient. I explained to him that making my aromatherapy and body oils is what brings a smile to my face and lights me up inside so that the whole world can see. This is something that I can’t abandon.

So I called the label company and told them what happened. They told me to send back the labels. They will charge my card the difference and send me new labels. There’s nothing I can do about the bottles, so I’ve accepted it. What else can I do? Maybe it’s better to launch the new online store with the debut of my Oh My Aching oil. All of you know how special the oil is to me because I made it at the request of a friend who has breast cancer.

Everything happens for a reason. In business you have to be flexible. Things change so quickly and if you can’t adjust, you will be like I was sitting on the floor crying. Wondering why is everything so damn difficult. So I’m no longer having a moment after writing this blog post. I feel a lot better being able to express what I’m going through and sharing it with you.

I’ve had a few “friends” tell me, that I get too personal in my blog. That some things people don’t need to know and I reply, “This is the life of a small business owner. It’s not always glamorous. I’m not the only facing these challenges and most of us keep quiet because we don’t want people to think were bitching.” Because that’s when all the haters come out and say, “You knew you were going into business. If it’s too hard then give up.” You already feel bad and don’t need anyone else kicking when you’re down.

So I dedicate this blog post to all the small business owners suffering in silence because they have no one to talk to. I’m sharing my highs and pretty, ugly lows with you. You aren’t alone. I don’t know your name and we’ve never met but I’m holding your hand and giving you’re the support just like you’ve given me the support to go after my dream.  Together we will continue to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit. Believe in it! Live it! Own it!

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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