Confessions Of An Admitted Whiner

Here’s a challenge. Every time you find your self whining put $.25 in a jar and see how it adds up. I wish I had kept my jar. In two weeks time I acquired $45 dollars. I should have bought some cheese to go with all that whining.

It’s a powerful realization. I did a lot of complaining and whining about why my business wasn’t successful. Why sales were slow. I would say. “I have a great product that’s better than a lot of the junk flooding the market. What do those businesses have that I don’t? They have celebrity backers and millions of dollars in revenue for marketing where I have a budget of nada, zilch zero. It seems like the same companies are being featured every week, what about the little guys. How am I supposed to get exposure when they are hogging it all?”

I was so busy focusing on whining I would compete with some of my friends (I didn’t realize at the time I was doing it. I felt that I met kindred spirits and understood what I was going through) and took my whining to the next level. I I held a Ph.D in whining. You know what happened. You guessed it. I got more of what I didn’t want. I also let my whining influence some very bad decision which led me to closing Wild Beauty’s online store for just over two months. I was very depressed because I felt like a failure which is why I didn’t maintain the blog. I was embarrassed, ashamed and fell off the radar for a bit.

A great read. I’ve attached to his website to check him out.

I bought this book several months back. I put it on my desk and didn’t take a second look until this week. It’s called The Top Ten Distinctions between Winners and Whiners by Keith Cameron Smith. It’s a phenomenal read. A short book just under 100 pages and insightful, it had me in awe several times. There’s a passage from the book that had me stop and say, “Wow!”

Whiners play the victim by blaming others for their circumstances. Blaming and complaining go hand in hand, and victims do a lot of both.

The truth is we all face disappointment. When we become disappointed, though¸ we must
learn to encourage ourselves before e become discouraged, for following discouragement is depression.

This is what happened to me as I talked about earlier in the blog post. I no longer hang with my crowd of whiners. They believe I’ve changed and become stuck up. I’m too good to hang. It’s not that but I’m no longer going to play the victim and let whining steal my joy. Whining takes a lot of energy and I could be using that energy to do something productive and positive.

When I find myself falling back into whining, I have great friends who remind me. They set me on the right path and we look forward, not backwards. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I’m thankful for what I do have.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. Believe in it. Live it. Own it.


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