It’s Not About You, It’s All About Them – Your Customer

Black Tea-sing Rose Facial Elixir has finally matured steeping.

I learned I was marketing my aroma-therapeutic oils wrong. I wasn’t listening to what my customers were telling me. I was marketing all my body oils the same…as body oils. In actuality people were using them for specific areas of the body for a specific purpose.

I created the Kickin It body oil for people with sensitive skin. I told them this oil works great for shaving and waxing. It prevents razor burns when applied as a pre-shaving oil. Add to your shaving gel for extra lubrication. The oil preps your hair to be shaven for a smoother and closer shave. It can be used also for after waxing itching and irritation. That is what my clients were using Kickin It body oil for, shaving and not as a body oil. I was still focused on selling it as a body oil and not a shaving oil.

Another example is the Black Tea-sing Rose body oil. It’s made with 100% pink rose buds and black tea leaves. I informed my clients that it doubles as an amazing facial elixir. Use it for your skin care routine first thing in the morning and a night before going to bed. You know what happened. That’s what they started using it for and not as a body oil. As with Kickin It, I kept trying to sell it as this luxurious and pampering body oil.

I was so focused on the way, I had intended on bringing my products to the market as body oils that I didn’t listen to what my customers were telling me. Instead of being stiff and unbending, I should have been flexible. I missed out on a lot of sales, which hurt my business in the long run.

Lesson Learned: Even if you bring your product/service to the market with one intention in mind and your customers see it another way, don’t keep forcing your way down their throat. Shift your thinking. Your business is evolving and so evolve with it. These are opportunities so make the best of them. Adjust, revamp and keep on stepping. You’re customers will be happy. You’ll be happy. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. Believe in it! Live it! Own It!


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