What’s The Big Deal About Product Shots???

I felt the same way until I met with Chris Panagkis.  These were my old product shots.

An old product shot I used on my last website http://shop.wildbeautyskincare.com. This used to be a body oil but is now a facial elixir.

I changed this one to an aromatherapy oil for being stressed out.

This one has been discontinued and replaced with Oh My Aching aromatherapy oil. Now for the new product shots.

Wild Beauty’s New Product Shots. These are the sample size product shots.

I love the pink background. It really makes my label and bottle pop. My photographer Chris really know’s what he is doing.

Here’s my new oil “Oh My Aching”. when you go to the website. It’s the first picture that you see. All these product shots are for the sample sizes. This Sunday, i will be loading the ones for the full size on the website – http://wildbeautycreations..com.

The product shots remind me of the one’s you see for L’Oreal. Very classic beautiful and eye catching, Which was what we were going for.

I have to thank Chris Panagkis for these amazing product shots and really schooled me how they really do compliment and a picture is truly worth a thousand words. They can really capture people’s attention and express what your product is about without you saying.

When looking for a product photographer, I highly recommend meeting with him in person and not just over the phone. First see if you’re compatible to work together. Does he listen to you or give you his recommendation on what he thinks would be a good product shot. I’ve had problem with 3 photographers before I found Chris. None of them listened to what I wanted to portray.  As you know from reading the blog my personality is quite colorful and of course my product shots reflected it. Chris did an amazing job of taking my words and putting them into pictures. It really felt like a partnership and not photographer and client.

When my new product pictures come out for the full size bottles, you will all be blown away as I was. They are different but just as eye popping as these. I wanted to mix things up this time with both traditional product shots with a slight twist. You’ll understand when I post them on Monday for you to see.

If you’re a small business that wants beautiful, attention grabbing quality product shots that won’t bust your bank account, get with Chris. Here’s his website – http://www.chrispanagakis.com.

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. Believe in it! Live it! Own It!


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