Where’s There’s A Will, There’s A Way

One of my favorite quotes. For me it was picking up the phone and making the call to the Cancer Centers of America.

Yes, I have my internet back. For the past almost 3 days, my internet went kaput. A tech finally came out. Over the past week, I’ve been sending out letters to all the NFL teams about sending samples and supplying their team with “Oh My Aching“. Watch out Icy Hot, there a strong contender getting ready to take your place.

I called the Cancer Centers of America, the one in Arizona which covers the Southwestern district such as Arizona, California, New Mexico and a few other western states and also the wellness rehabilitation center in Seattle. I’m not really big on cold calling. I get worried that people will think I’m harassing them. So with trembling fingers, I cleared my throat several times, and dialed the number. The switchboard operator Shannon picked up. I told her my story in 20 seconds and that I wanted to send samples to their center. She wasn’t sure of whom I should talk to and transferred me to the administrative office.

At first I was a little discourage because I wasn’t able to find a contact inside the Cancer Centers of America. Then I thought, why am I waiting around for a contact to show up. Call the place and see what happens. You have a 50/50 chance. So I focused on the positive 50% chance, I would be able to get a name of a person, I could send a letter to about Wild Beauty’s new oil and I did. 

A helpful and very receptive woman named Kelly wasn’t sure either of who I should talk to at first. She then told me the physical therapy department would be a good starting point and gave me the name of the woman in charge. I did the same thing with the one in Seattle. Talk about a happy person. The same thing happened for the one in Seattle. So now I have 2 contact names for the cancer centers. I’m one step closer to getting “Oh My Aching” into their centers.

Also I called my friend Otis. He works as an engineer at one of the big hospitals here in LA. About 3 times a week he goes off site to the other hospitals. Otis has agreed to carry my samples of “Oh My Aching” aromatherapy oil with him to work and try to get them into physician’s hands at other hospitals.

In a way I feel as if I’ve become kind of obsessed with my “Oh My Aching”. My gut keeps telling me there is a need for my oil. I can’t give up. With passion, determination and wavering focus, “Oh My Aching” will become the best-selling oil for aches and pains and a natural alternative to Icy Hot and Ben Gay. No dream or goal is too big. It only becomes too big if you don’t believe in it. I believe and so should you.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!


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