Wild Beauty Reached 250 Votes!!! Thanks Everyone!

Taking the day off from work and enjoying this beautiful summer day in my favorite hang out spot in LA – Barnsdall Park. I also said a prayer of thanks for all my votes for Mission small business contest.

About two weeks ago I blogged about Chase and LivingSocial.com coming together and created a contest. A chance to 12 business owners to win a $250, 000 grant. I also have a page (Could Your Business Use A $250,000 Grant) dedicated announcing the contest. You have to get at least 250 votes from other small business to qualify. Well….Wild Beauty not only reached our goal of 250 votes but exceeded it. We are now at last count 473 votes. They just keep coming in.

My message inbox on Facebook is at 185 emails and my timeline is filled with postings from other small business owners letting me know they voted for me and I’ve can I return the vote, which I have done. I wish I could respond to every email and listing on my timeline but I would spend all day and night on it. So every few days, I would write a thank you post, letting every know I’m not ignoring them and that I have voted for them. I also received message from LinkedIn and tweets from Twitter from small business owners who voted for me and could I return the vote.

This contest has really brought a sense of camaraderie within the small business community, which I love. Remember everyone, the The contest ends Saturday, June 30th. Make sure you get your votes. Wish me luck in getting the grant because I want to you also get it. Get your 250 votes.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


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