I Have The Patience Of The Gnat!

Yes, I know this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post but I really love my new products shots. 😉

When it comes to waiting, it’s not my strong point. Last month I began sending letters to NFL teams, Cancer Centers of America, magazines and emails to bloggers. I haven’t heard anything back from them. I mean zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Nothing and it’s frustrating.

I remember reading somewhere a frustrated business owner wrote, t feels like the harder you try to get your small business off the ground and pitch your service/product to people, companies and other business you feel like you’re spinning your wheels faster and faster while stuck in neutral and going nowhere but raising more acrid smelling smoke. I can agree because I feel that way right now.

Right after that, not helping to lighten my mood and made me slightly more depressed, I was reading a discussion threat on Linkedin. Many people commented on it appeared that the same of companies are getting the same press overage over and over again while the little guys can’t catch a break.

Yes, it does seem like it but then we have to take a step back and be objective. Take our emotional self out of this equation and think from the other sides perspective. No one likes to be sold to. Whoever we are pitching our products/services we should focus on explaining to them the benefit. How we can make their life easier. Solve the problem quicker.  As for the press, give them a story.  A story that will give a radio/television producer will believe their viewers will pay attention to and is newsworthy. I was told this by a writer I know who writes for Country Living.

When I read my press release, pitch letters and emails I realized that they a serious makeover. All the things I just wrote about in this blog post it didn’t have.  My pitch letter was more about sales and marketing. I should have sent a brochure along with it. Nobody likes to be sold to. So I’m back to the drawing board. Do some more research on the magazines, tv and new shows I want to pitch Wild Beauty’s.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty


One thought on “I Have The Patience Of The Gnat!

  1. Hey my friend,Yes at times it seem like nothing will ever happen,however you are doing the right thing by moving ahead.You will win!!!
    Jimmy your best friend!!!

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