Who I Am


Inspiration comes from everywhere..not just behind the keyboard. So step outside your comfort zone and get inspired to do what you love.

As a young girl growing up in Connecticut, I was always helping my grandmother.  We would be in the garden collecting herbs and flowers or in the kitchen making soaps, balms and aromatherapy oils. I would watch fascinated as she infused oils with flowers, herbs, tea leaves and more. I loved the way their fragrances permeated in the oil and also our home. Learning how different fragrances have the ability to relax or uplift a person’s spirit. My passion for making aromatherapy oils began.

After being laid off from work November 2009, I refused to let anyone else be in charge of my well-being. With permission from my grandmother to use our family’s century old African American Chickasaw Indian recipes on September 2011, I opened Wild Beauty.

I started writing this blog out of necessity. I really had no one to talk to about my life and experiences as a first time business owner. After reading so many magazines books while attending seminars and class for startup and small business owners, I was feeling very frustrated. None of the information they provided really were helpful to startup companies like me who are two years and under. You get snippets of how they became successful or turned the company around but you don’t see the journey of how they did it.

So I let my keyboard do the talking and decided to share my experiences, hoping to connect with other entrepreneurs. There are millions of small businesses who feel alone and have no idea that someone else is going through the same fears, doubts, excitement, first accomplishments and much more. I’m incorporating my love of aromatherapy oils and experience in being a startup business in one place.

The life of a small business owner isn’t always glamorous but it sure is adventurous.  Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty


8 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Your passion, drive and love that you devote to your craft makes you a success in my book. Keep up the fantastic work, I may see you soon. Looking to relocate back to LA in the near future. The best always to you… : ) Keep smiling…

    • Thank you so much. I really enjoying writing this blog and my adventures as a small business. never know what going to happen or who I will meet but the fact that I can get up every morning do what I love which is making aroma-therapeutic skin care.

  2. Felicia,
    From your heart to mine…..I understand where you are and where you are going. I am moving with you. So much that has not been made available to those who are looking. I wish I had opportunity to meet you next month, however, I will be taking a natural skin care makers class up in Suisun City. I will follow you on FB. Your page gave me inspiration for mine. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello Sherri, first I want to say I’m so excited for you to be taking a natural skin care makers class. That’s fabulous. May it open many doors for you and new opportunities. I’m sure one day we will meet and I look forward to it. Thank you for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. Let’s keep walking together on this journey hand in hand. Take Care and tell me about the class so I can post it or better yet, write about your class and you can post it here if you don’t have a blog.

  4. Hi Felicia, My name is Peter West and I am making a similar journey in natural skin and body care. I own ForMe BathworX, founded in 2005, but it has been in “mothballs” since 2008 and the economic downturn nearly ruined me (as well as everyone else), after a few years of scraping FB page and you have inspired me to take my facebook page with more activity. I feel so inspired right now. Thank You.

    • Hi Peter, it’s a pleasure to meet you. That’s great that you are taking back your Facebook page. I saw your website. I think you have very good product. You’re reason for making them is inspiring. You have an amazing story to share. Let me know what your Facebook page is and I will share it with my Facebook and Twitter friends. We are in this journey together and I will help all I can. Happy New Year. I will pray that 2012 will bring your much prosperity and happiness. Take Care.

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