Cosmo Magazine, Here I Come!

Today, I’m sending out my gift bag to Cosmopolitan magazine. A few weeks ago I sent them a letter pitching Wild Beauty’s products and I heard back from them not long ago.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks time if Wild Beauty’s aroma-therapeutic elixirs and oils get accepted. I hit a milestone today also. THIS BLOG WILL BE MY 100TH POSTING.

One lucky person will win this bag! As a way of celebrating this momentous achievement. The winner will be selected from comments posted. Good Luck.

There’s my bag with sample and a hand written letter to Cosmopoltian Beauty Director Leah Wyar Romito.

All 4 1 oz trial size entire collection of Wild Beauty’s aroma-therapeutic elixirs and oils which all sell for $10. Which is a great price for people on a budget. They get to try the trial size before purchasing the full size. This is something more companies need to do in my opinion.

Felecia ScottEmbrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

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I Have The Patience Of The Gnat!

Yes, I know this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post but I really love my new products shots. 😉

When it comes to waiting, it’s not my strong point. Last month I began sending letters to NFL teams, Cancer Centers of America, magazines and emails to bloggers. I haven’t heard anything back from them. I mean zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Nothing and it’s frustrating.

I remember reading somewhere a frustrated business owner wrote, t feels like the harder you try to get your small business off the ground and pitch your service/product to people, companies and other business you feel like you’re spinning your wheels faster and faster while stuck in neutral and going nowhere but raising more acrid smelling smoke. I can agree because I feel that way right now.

Right after that, not helping to lighten my mood and made me slightly more depressed, I was reading a discussion threat on Linkedin. Many people commented on it appeared that the same of companies are getting the same press overage over and over again while the little guys can’t catch a break.

Yes, it does seem like it but then we have to take a step back and be objective. Take our emotional self out of this equation and think from the other sides perspective. No one likes to be sold to. Whoever we are pitching our products/services we should focus on explaining to them the benefit. How we can make their life easier. Solve the problem quicker.  As for the press, give them a story.  A story that will give a radio/television producer will believe their viewers will pay attention to and is newsworthy. I was told this by a writer I know who writes for Country Living.

When I read my press release, pitch letters and emails I realized that they a serious makeover. All the things I just wrote about in this blog post it didn’t have.  My pitch letter was more about sales and marketing. I should have sent a brochure along with it. Nobody likes to be sold to. So I’m back to the drawing board. Do some more research on the magazines, tv and new shows I want to pitch Wild Beauty’s.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty Reached 250 Votes!!! Thanks Everyone!

Taking the day off from work and enjoying this beautiful summer day in my favorite hang out spot in LA – Barnsdall Park. I also said a prayer of thanks for all my votes for Mission small business contest.

About two weeks ago I blogged about Chase and coming together and created a contest. A chance to 12 business owners to win a $250, 000 grant. I also have a page (Could Your Business Use A $250,000 Grant) dedicated announcing the contest. You have to get at least 250 votes from other small business to qualify. Well….Wild Beauty not only reached our goal of 250 votes but exceeded it. We are now at last count 473 votes. They just keep coming in.

My message inbox on Facebook is at 185 emails and my timeline is filled with postings from other small business owners letting me know they voted for me and I’ve can I return the vote, which I have done. I wish I could respond to every email and listing on my timeline but I would spend all day and night on it. So every few days, I would write a thank you post, letting every know I’m not ignoring them and that I have voted for them. I also received message from LinkedIn and tweets from Twitter from small business owners who voted for me and could I return the vote.

This contest has really brought a sense of camaraderie within the small business community, which I love. Remember everyone, the The contest ends Saturday, June 30th. Make sure you get your votes. Wish me luck in getting the grant because I want to you also get it. Get your 250 votes.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Felecia Scott

Founder/Wild Beauty

Teri Steel

The best solution to a problem isn’t always going to come from the people you’ve always gone to for solutions.  Open the door and let some fresh faces in.  The people who will have the biggest impact on your business and life are probably not in it right now.

Don’t be a prisoner of locked-room logic!

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Next Target….Whole Foods Market

On May 6th, I sent an email submission to Whole Foods Market about getting Wild Beauty‘s aroma-therapeutic oils in their Southern Pacific District which consists of Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. Yesterday, June 19th, I received an email response back saying “Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region. Attached is our application form and the Whole Body category review schedule. Please fill out forms to the best of your ability and return to this email address. New items are expected to be presented for the category review and ready to launch by the launch date.”

I passed round one which is the preliminary round. Next, I have to fill out the paperwork. Which consists of:

  1. In PDF I received the Product Supplier application. Which breaks to 7 work sheets.
  2.  The first is supplier instructions, filling out my I-9, Certificate of Liability Insurance and such.
  3. New Item Form: Description of each item, how much it costs, item size, UPC Code.
  4. The actual supplier application.
  5. Next worksheet is the Vendor Ordering System, which allows Whole Foods to order Wild Beauty’s products easily and without hassle. I will need to set up an account.
  6. The last worksheet is to give my account information so I can get paid.
  7. The final form is The Bill 657 Senate Compliance Agreement, which is the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 Agreement.  None of Wild Beauty’s products were used with slave labor and human trafficking. I don’t believe in, condone or support.

Oh My Aching…for aches and pains.

So yes, it’s a lot of paperwork but I’m still jazzed about sending my samples and filling out the paperwork. It took Whole Foods a little over a month to respond. They get bombarded with emails every day about companies wanting to sell their merchandise with them. They only respond if they are interested. Oh I almost forget, they give you a sheet which shows the deadline date to send in your samples for whatever you submitted to. I submitted to Whole Body because I make oils/skin care. My deadline is August 24th.

Once Wild Beauty’s passes their strict guidelines and testing all of Wild Beauty’s oils, “Oh My Aching…, Stress A Wee Bit Less Aroma-therapeutic Oil, Kickin It Shaving Oil and Black Tea-sing Rose Facial Elixir will be in Whole Foods Market in the Southern Pacific District by the week of Jan 7-11th.  Basically the second week of January 2013.

Once Wild Beauty’s passes their strict guidelines and testing all of Wild Beauty’s oils, “Oh My Aching…, Stress A Wee Bit Less Aroma-therapeutic OilKickin It Shaving Oil and Black Tea-sing Rose Facial Elixir will be in Whole Foods Market in the Southern Pacific District by the week of Jan 7-11th.  Basically the second week of January 2013.

This is very exciting for me. When I first started Wild Beauty I had imagined that Wild Beauty would be in Whole Foods but it was just a dream and now it’s becoming and soon will be a reality. For a small business as mine it is such a huge opportunity. There is no reason why I can’t compete with the bigger name brands out there and so can you.

As an entrepreneur we can’t limit ourselves because we not like the big boys. I say so what!!! The only difference between us and them is that they are better known but doesn’t mean better quality.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Could Your Business Use A $250,000 Grant?

I know mine can and yours could to. and Chase has a contest going on right now at They are offering 12 small businesses grants for $250,000. Sign your business up and answer a few questions about what your business does. How will the grant help and grow your business? Also you need 250 votes to be qualified for the grant. At first I was skeptical wondering how in the world I would get 250 votes. I’ve been doing it about a week and now have 220 votes just 35 votes shy.

How did I get all those votes so quickly. I posted the picture you see as my Facebook cover. Businesses found me and voted for me. They sent me emails and also post on my time line via Facebook to say they voted for me would I vote for them. There’s 11 days left.  Know I know you may be thinking 11 days. How can I get 250 votes in 11 days. I was able to get 220 in 7 and by the end of today, it looks like I will have 250 votes.

The contest ends June 30,  2012.

Good Luck!

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!

Where’s There’s A Will, There’s A Way

One of my favorite quotes. For me it was picking up the phone and making the call to the Cancer Centers of America.

Yes, I have my internet back. For the past almost 3 days, my internet went kaput. A tech finally came out. Over the past week, I’ve been sending out letters to all the NFL teams about sending samples and supplying their team with “Oh My Aching“. Watch out Icy Hot, there a strong contender getting ready to take your place.

I called the Cancer Centers of America, the one in Arizona which covers the Southwestern district such as Arizona, California, New Mexico and a few other western states and also the wellness rehabilitation center in Seattle. I’m not really big on cold calling. I get worried that people will think I’m harassing them. So with trembling fingers, I cleared my throat several times, and dialed the number. The switchboard operator Shannon picked up. I told her my story in 20 seconds and that I wanted to send samples to their center. She wasn’t sure of whom I should talk to and transferred me to the administrative office.

At first I was a little discourage because I wasn’t able to find a contact inside the Cancer Centers of America. Then I thought, why am I waiting around for a contact to show up. Call the place and see what happens. You have a 50/50 chance. So I focused on the positive 50% chance, I would be able to get a name of a person, I could send a letter to about Wild Beauty’s new oil and I did. 

A helpful and very receptive woman named Kelly wasn’t sure either of who I should talk to at first. She then told me the physical therapy department would be a good starting point and gave me the name of the woman in charge. I did the same thing with the one in Seattle. Talk about a happy person. The same thing happened for the one in Seattle. So now I have 2 contact names for the cancer centers. I’m one step closer to getting “Oh My Aching” into their centers.

Also I called my friend Otis. He works as an engineer at one of the big hospitals here in LA. About 3 times a week he goes off site to the other hospitals. Otis has agreed to carry my samples of “Oh My Aching” aromatherapy oil with him to work and try to get them into physician’s hands at other hospitals.

In a way I feel as if I’ve become kind of obsessed with my “Oh My Aching”. My gut keeps telling me there is a need for my oil. I can’t give up. With passion, determination and wavering focus, “Oh My Aching” will become the best-selling oil for aches and pains and a natural alternative to Icy Hot and Ben Gay. No dream or goal is too big. It only becomes too big if you don’t believe in it. I believe and so should you.

Felecia Scott

Founder / Wild Beauty

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit! BELIEVE IN IT! LIVE IT! OWN IT!