Selling Sucks

The pictures says it all - Stressed

I’ve been a 911 dispatcher, switchboard operator and a paralegal.  I’ve dealt with life and death calls, talking with people who are searching for jobs and civil litigation.  Ask me to go into a retail store. Introduce myself and my natural skin care products to a store owner or  manager about having my products sold in their stores. I’m at a loss for words. I’m unable to form a coherent thought. I remember thinking I would rather be having a root canal with no anesthesia than selling. I know that is so sad.

Everyday this week I’ve been going to boutiques all over Los Angeles. I can feel the anxiety building up as soon as I get to the door. My palms get sweaty. A lump is forming in my throat and with every step I take getting closer to the store owner; it becomes the size of a walnut. My breathing becomes shallow. I’m at stage 4 and taking the express elevator to stage 5 of a full blown panic attack.

A few owners and managers accepted the samples of Wild Beauty’s hand creams and body oil while many more flatly rejected. Rejection is never easy but those select few who have said yes help me get through all the no’s. At about 4 o’clock, yesterday, I took a break, ending up at Borders Book Store at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. I went to the business and management section. I glanced over the books that were about sales and thinking I definitely need help with selling. My opinion on selling was – selling sucks!

No Words Needed

No sooner than I said those words, there was a book by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. called “Selling Sucks”. So I bought the book because that is exactly how I felt. I admit, I’m a shy person, an introvert and stepping outside my comfort zone is very hard for me. I love making skin care products. I believe in my companyWild Beauty and that doesn’t suck. I love doing it. I’m determined to find a way to bring the same passion to selling.

After reading chapter 1, I can already what I’m doing wrong.


1)      Stop saying selling sucks (even though this is how I feet) stop saying it.

2)      Change the meaning of the word sell from a negative to a positive.  Selling an uphill battle of trying to convince someone to buy from you when they really don’t want to.  Attract people who are ready and willing to buy, fill their need.

3)      Changing my body language. I’m already projecting my negativity and anxiety to the boutique owners and managers. Why would anyone want to buy something from you when you project that you don’t.

So today and over the weekend I’m going to read “Selling Sucks”. Also take a break from selling correction buying. Then start all over on Tuesday.  I would on Monday but I have jury duty. Have a great weekend.

Felecia Scott



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